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How Twitter fights spam!

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Awesome blog post on the project I work on at Twitter!

I just tried to add a custom URL for myself, and obviously I couldn't get AllenChen since my name is so common. So, it asks me to add additional characters to the end of my name. This is a problem: I have a middle name that I use to distinguish myself from the other Allen Chen's in the world. Why can't I add my middle name in Google+? More importantly, why can't I use "AllenSChen"?

Google+'s "People that have __ in their Circles" box on the profile page seems odd. Many profiles I look at have a really disproportionate amount of people in their circles (around 50-100) and very few people "People that have __ in their Circles" (around 1-2), when it's clear that's not the case because there are a ton of people commenting on their statuses. Is this a privacy feature or just a bug?
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