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i urge you to watch this... to understand what's the so called 一人一票 right now..

you can see how pathetic the situation is....

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Shameless.... They deserved to be treated the same way.

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"what's your super power again?"
"I'm rich"

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Bye bye... Hope to come back soon

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Heard sweet galbi is famous here in Suwon so here I came
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waited for 3 years.. finally..

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Something should not belong in this meal

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Snapseed 2.17 is available for all users on iOS and Android now, so let’s take a look at the new Face Pose tool. This is Snapseed’s second tool that focuses on working with portraits and selfies. Like Face Enhance, it will detect a face in your photo and allow you to interact with it. Face Pose is limited to work on one face only, so give it a try with a selfie or a portrait of one person.

Face Pose can modify the orientation of a head: After mapping the pixels of a face onto a 3D model, Face Pose lets you tilt and pan the face. By tapping the parameter-selector icon at the bottom of the screen, you can modify the size of the pupils, the intensity of a smile, and the photo’s apparent focal length (useful for correcting distortion).

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