The Strap and Crap™ helps lessen the chance of messin' your pants when participating in outdoor activities

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Turn around, lean on the tree. Put your back against it in a seated position. No cost, no equipment. I've done it many times.
+Joshua Hocieniec Yeh, that works for me too Joshua. The most comfortable I've found is sitting in the Y formed by a branch and trunk of a fallen tree. Yes, that was heaven.
+Steve Emrick A very gentlemanly gesture on your part Steve.

I could imagine myself telling the girls stories about wild hogs on the way to the toilet stop then whilst they're doing the deed, making wild hog noises.

Would be interesting trying to get video shot for a reality TV show too.
+Allan McDonald the very best is if you can find a fallen tree that is about 10" in diameter and suspended above the ground about 18 inches. Just sit with your feet on the ground banks of your knees on the trunk, rear in the air and go.

Also if you have an e-tool style folding shovel you can go in comfort anywhere. Dig your cat hole, angle the blade 90 degrees and lock it down. Use it to support one cheek with the handle braced near the edge of the cat hole. Very stable, comfortable, and sanitary without being beholden to the availability of trees.
With these tips we are well on the way to writing a book "101 ways to take a dump in the wilderness".
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