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Busses don't seem to be moving through Blanch due to several incidents on the roads nearby... So, don't think we can get in for tonight's game... :(
+Luther Blissett Sorry for the late notice!

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We're planning on a social night to give people who are not currently in one of our games a chance to meet everyone and for the group as a whole to plan the next series of games. We're still looking at a Wednesday evening, and will try to get some food. Vote for your location of choice - we'll be nailing down the date real soon now. 
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Bunsen (Burgers)
Boojum (Burritos)
Some other "B" place serving "B" food
Anything but "B"!
I'd rather roleplay eating & socialising

2 September 2015:
Torchbearer is on tonight.

Cthuhlu will start up for Realz next week.

I will not be down to run any games for overflow people tonight, due to illness.

28 August 2015:

The Torchbearer game had a great start this week, with sneaky Kobolds, giant rats, lonely dogs and casks of thirst-quenching ale making appearances.

Cthulu has had some player and GM work conflicts so will start up for realz in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, for those not in the Torchbearer game, we will run card games or short RPGs on Wednesday at Hughes.

We had a good turnout yesterday and kicked off 2 new games.

1st is Torchbearer run by +James Connolly. It has a full compliment of players. (Note: next week - 19 august - James is not available so the torchbearers will have to watch the other group with envy or entertain themselves with card games or a one shot or something)

The 2nd game is Call of Cthulhu with "+Luther Blissett" leading us down a path to insanity. Only 3 players here, so there's probably room for another if anyone is interested in dying in horrible ways in 1920's Dublin.

FYI: no game at Hughes this week (August 5th) but come down next week for a new round of RPG fun.

Ok so that crazy thing called life happened and we have to put the Unknown Armies playtest on hold for a bit. That means we're going to start some new games,. On August 12th we will do character generation and possibly the start of the 1st session of "Torchbearer", a fantasy RPG with an old Skool feel. If we have a big turnout, we will run a 2nd game which will probably be traveller, a far future Science fiction RPG, unless there is another volunteer to GM.

So come on down to Hughes on the 12th and get in on a new round of games. 

30 August 2015

This is an open group for anyone in the Dublin area who wish to come along and play some games. RPG's, Boardgames, Cardgames and anything in between are all up for play here.
Games rotate every few months to allow GM's to get in some play and to mix up the groups.
Our Wednesday Games are currently the only open public sessions. As more players join we generate new games with GM's who are willing to run. In the past we have had up to 3 games running on Wednesday evenings.
If you are interested in playing or running a game pop a message on the group or pop into Hughes' Pub on Chancery Lane, right behind the Four Courts. We run from about 7:15pm - 10:00pm, Right at the back. Everyone is welcome.
Currently Playing:
Wednesday @ Hughes' Pub on Chancery Lane 
Game 1: Torchbearer (full)
Game 2: Call of Cthulu (1-2 slots available)

Updated July 1st 2015

So our Fallout PnP RPG GM has become way too busy to continue providing a quality adventure, so we are going to transition to a new game. 

James will run an Unknown Armies 3rd Ed playlets game on Wednesdays at Hughes. 

There is a lot of interest in UA, so we will try to start up other games at a time/place that works for the other group. Ping me if you are interested in playing (or even better, GM-ing) this, if you haven't already.

If you would like to run another game at Hughes on Wednesday, please feel free to jump in and recruit players.

Normally wednesdays we have a Fallout TTRPG session at Hughes, but we are down a GM and two players this week, so it is called off. Just letting everyone know, in case other people had plans to drop in.
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