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Allan “Ed” Sota
Lives in Sturgeon Bay, WI
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Allan “Ed” Sota

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Allan “Ed” Sota

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Allan “Ed” Sota

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This is my cousin and he is amazing it is a song written by it and the song has been stuck in my head for 8 hours!! Give it a listen!
A friend of mine playing one of the many amazing songs he's written. Someone please sign this guy!
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Allan “Ed” Sota

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I'm baking this pie!!!
A simple, flavorful apple pie recipe and demonstration video for how to make a golden, flaky pie crust with Jordan Winery's Estate Baker Cristina Valencia.
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Allan “Ed” Sota

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Allan “Ed” Sota

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I watched Dr. Cranky's videos on airbrushing before I got mine and started airbrushing. He has a lot of great tips and it really helped me a lot!! Check him out, and check out Hunter Selby too, he also has a ton of great tutorials on airbrushing and everything else on modeling.

Allan “Ed” Sota

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The camera position is perfect!! Just like a Hollywood production!! You don't want to show too much empty sky. I love your videos so keep them coming.

Allan “Ed” Sota

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Allan “Ed” Sota

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Hey give it a listen! 
This is me singing a cover of Hallelujah.
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Allan “Ed” Sota

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This is why I use the King James Bible only!
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Making Life an Adventure


Most of my life I’ve worked in the Shipbuilding industry. We’d build wooden minesweepers for the Navy at one shipyard where I worked in carpentry and at another shipyard, where I spent most of my years, I was a Marine Electrician. At times when there wasn’t much work at the shipyards I took other work in retail, park maintenance, construction and security. Having also spent several years as a draftsman, that training carried through to many other opportunities as well, in my employment and as freelance.


I’m a veteran of the U.S. Army, having joined during the Vietnam War. My duty stations included those mentioned in “Places I've Lived”, as well as one year spent in Vietnam.

Hobbies, Interests and Fun Stuff

I learned to fly airplanes yet I never got a license. How I learned to fly, was that I flew the right seat with a friend who taught me to fly a Cessna 421B. Those were some of my greatest times.

I was also a certified scuba diver. The deepest dive I ever made was to 115 feet.

I’ve enjoyed camping, hiking, swimming and bicycling. My favorite bike was my Cannondale and my favorite campsite was where I had my Teepee set up in our woods. In the winter I would strap on my skis and go across country.

I’ve also enjoyed the water in my power boat. That didn’t last long though, my wife made me sell it.

I would also enjoy long rides throughout the county where I live on my motorcycle,

What I do Now

No longer am I able to do those things so I will go for some walks with friends (using my power wheelchair). Play around on my computer and do some writing. I just love this Google+ and hope to be here for a long time.

I've now returned to an old hobby of mine, and that is model building. I particularly like the Big Rigs although I'm interested in building many other things.

My Expectations and Why I’m Here

Above is only a summary of my life’s work and adventures. What I’m looking for here are some new friends who are compassionate, caring and not judgmental. I’m looking for laughter, sharing kind words and giving what I can give. My hope is that this will fill some of my idle time with a rewarding experience getting to know new people from around the world.

If you’re looking for some of the same, please add me to your circles, and I’ll add you to mine.

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Sturgeon Bay, WI
Esko, MN - New Port Richey, FL - Lake Worth, FL - Hernando, FL - Ft. Benning, GA - Ft. Lee, Va - Ft. Hood, TX - Ft. Knox, KY
Retired Marine Electrician
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Ed Sota
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