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All Locks And Doors

All Locks And Doors now has a new location!

We are opening a warehouse in Livermore to allow us to better supply, service and provide for our customers throughout the entire Bay Area and beyond.

We will be sending more updates soon (both here and via our website) :)
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Now you can modify your fire doors and stay code compliant!

All Locks and Doors has obtained IQP Certification to modify (or core drill) fire doors and re-label them. This allows you to install that access control system you always wanted AND pass inspection; not to mention maintaining a high level of fire safety and security.

Per NFPA 80, it is a requirement to have all fire-rated door assemblies inspected on a yearly basis. Although this has been mandated for several years, it has yet to be implemented and enforced. However, the industry is organizing their efforts in order to enforce this rule sometime soon.  Many businesses are dreading this.

However, there is no reason for concern or worry :)

If you have issues with your fire door and/or need it modified but want to adhere to NFPA 80 regulations and ensure code compliance, we can help you out.

We are certified thru Intertek and can re-label fire doors with the Warnock Hersey Label. We can help take the mystery and uneasiness out of the situation with your fire doors.
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