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I like the way you put the poll here on Google plus! Ill def. be a regular voter now:-) thanks
I feel like +Eileen Rivera missed an important part of Osmos: to propel yourself, you're actually firing off pieces of yourself, making your blob smaller.
So, there's a puzzle aspect to the game... you're trying to minimize the number of moves you make to absorb other blobs.
There were numerous times when I was angling to absorb a blob that was slightly smaller than I was, but I made too many moves and got smaller than the other blob at the last moment and got absorbed myself.
Great game.
I for one, enjoy the arena. It gives a lively way to show off the apps and shows the "real" jason, ron, and
Here is an suggestion for an future arena How about an Microsoft app arena.
I was wondering the same thing
found him,i am brain dead sometimes.
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