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If you haven't checked out today's early episode of All About Android, maybe you should? I mean, you don't have anything else to do... right?
Googarola is a done deal, Chameleon takes to Kickstarter, Google+ gets major update, and more.
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I would but I only have 10GB left of my home broadband cap.
+Nick Webster I feel you pain. I have (back in the dark days) occasions, gone to a public access point (starbucks, public library, university (which I did attend)) and used their Wi-Fi to download large things like podcasts....totally not jenky at all, but cheaper than paying for excess!
Well.... I do have about 1 hour of spare time this weekend. Spending that time watching AAA is a worthy suggestion.
Already downloaded and ready to listen to.
The Google Talk app has built-in video & voice conference and I don't see how that could use minutes.
+All About Android, great discussion on voice input (00:30). You got it exactly right. No matter the app or platform, it's painful and just doesn't work.
Did I miss the posting of Monday's (6/4) show?
hello aaa, just wondering what happened to the show for mon. june fourth!!!!!!!

No show this week?  I need my weekly fix of AAA
+All About Android you guys are messing up my weeks when you don't broadcast.  It's a sad but true fact that I live for your podcasts.
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