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I see QR Codes are picking up steam...
Turns out QR codes aren’t only for advertising and marketing pros. Public relations professionals can use them, too. The author, whose company specializes in QR codes, explains how.
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Well, at least among marketing & communications professionals. We'll see if the public picks up.
+Scott Monty If iPhone 5 has the QR code reader built in, we're golden. Otherwise, it is still an education process plus a download.
Excellent point, Aliza. It would be great to see a reader built in to all smart phones. That would help get them more widely used.
+Scott Monty Aren't Blackberry users, however, less consumer-y and more business-y? And aren't they losing market share...?
Scott, I agree. I just meant the business owner or business focused person may already have QR codes on their radars while your everyday Jane/John Doe consumer who isn't paying attention to marketing trends may not even have an inkling about them yet.