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Alister Benn

Natural Landscapes  - 
Into the West - Scotland 2015

Having lived in Tibet for nearly a decade, returning home to Scotland I wasn't prepared to be as blown away as I have been.

I am so fortunate to live on the west coast where we get wild weather, wind, rain, but some of the best light I've experienced anywhere in the world.

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Alister Benn

Shared publicly  - 
Brilliance... by +Alistair Nicol
Later today +Tommy White and I kick off Spring in Charleston. 

Of course the weather has gone sideways on us, but that should create some very interesting light. Sunday morning's forecast is for a bone chilling 37 degrees. I'm not sure t-shirts and flip-flops will cut it. 

Enjoy your weekend all and stay warm! :)
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so beautiful 
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Alister Benn

Post Photos here!  - 
The Dragon's Back - Spain 2011
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Looks other worldly, NICE!
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Alister Benn

Natural Landscapes  - 
Endless Possibilities - Iceland 2014

Even in a screaming wind in mid February, this beach is sublime. Hours pass in full immersion. 

Perhaps join us some time?
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Holy cow... so well done.
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Alister Benn

Abstract Architectural Photography  - 
L-Space - Beijing 2007
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A feast for the eye!
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Alister Benn

Introduce Yourself here  - 
Hi all, Great to be accepted by the Community. I am a Scottish Landscape Photographer living up in the north west Highlands. I only moved back to UK in 2013 after over a decade in the Himalaya of Tibet and SW China. Good to be home. Excited to be involved in this group - looks like a great bunch of folks.

Cheers, Alister: Gairloch, Scotland.
Focus stacked + exposure blended - 14mm lens an inch above the ice.
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Welcome aboard +Alister Benn - I look forward to seeing more awesome mono images!
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Alister Benn

Abstract Architectural Photography  - 
Subdivisions - Beijing 2007

I met my wife in Beijing, and we lived there for quite a while as well. In 2007 we were again living in the city and I was struck by the extreme pace of the progress and modernisation in the city.

I set about documenting many of these new buildings and creating large multi-image abstracts of the city. My aim was to use the modern to comment on the destruction of the older, more cultural parts of the city - how the new buildings were re-defining the culture of China as a whole.

I was fortunate enough to have many of these prints exhibited in the prestigious 798 district of the city leading up to the 2008 Olympics.
These print out massive :-)
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Alister Benn

Inspiration (No Posting) ►  - 
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+Dave White LOL - Magic Camera :-)
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Alister Benn

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I just love this! +Alistair Nicol​
"Guiding Light"
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Outer Banks, North Carolina

I just returned from a much needed 10 day trip to the Outer Banks. +Tommy White and I kicked off the trip with our highly anticipated +Mountains To Sea Workshops  OBX Workshop with guest instructor +Athena Carey.  It was a blast and our group explored ancient lighthouses, dilapidated piers and marsh and dune scenes under some fantastic light. We also had some great meals together chatting about photography and laughing together. Good friendships were made and I hope that we all can stay in touch through the magic of social media and email before the next opportunity to meet again.
After the workshop my family moved our camp down from the Nags Head area to Frisco a little town in the heart of Cape Hatteras very near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. +Josh Carlisle  couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get away for a bit and drive the 9 hours for a few photographs so he met up with me and we headed out to photograph this iconic Light.

For a couple more images go here…/
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Wicked!! Thank u my friend ;)
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Alister Benn

Inspiration (No Posting) ►  - 
Symphony of Light - Iceland 2012

Sometimes life can just be too green!!!
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WOW!! Thank u +Alister Benn Wishing u a great evening my friend ;)
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Alister Benn

This weeks contest is CLOSED  - 
Black-winged Stilt, China 2005

Stilts make such excellent subjects; the incongruity of their vast pink legs just makes them so cool. It took weeks to get this shot, lying in the mud every morning waiting for the sun/tide/bird combination to work out!
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Fabulous image +Alister Benn 
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Alister Benn

Natural Landscapes  - 
Mt Kailash - Tibet 2009

I'd be lying if I said all images mean the same - this one means the most. I dislocated my kneecap at 17900 feet while trekking around the mountain and had a somewhat unpleasant 30km walk downhill back to the 4x4. I remember a lot of tears and a huge sense of loss and pain.

Making this image under Kailash on that pure, clear night, stood next to my dear wife Juanli will remain with me forever. Even full of painkillers it was special :-)
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+Kiersten Rowland Thanks - yes, mostly :-)
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Alister Benn is a Scottish landscape photographer who lives with his wife Juanli Sun in the far north west Highlands of Scotland. For over a decade the couple lived and worked in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, SW China and Nepal.

Having returned to Alister's native Scotland in 2013, they now lead small group tours and workshops locally, as well as further afield in Iceland, Spain and Tibet.

Alister is an active commentator on contemporary photography and believes in the importance of individuality, creativity and expression in his work and in others. His images appear in numerous publications, his own eBooks and articles as well as being available as open edition prints.

His limited edition Fine Art Prints are dark and moody, with a hint of optimism and the ability to illuminate a room - very much like his personality! 
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