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Got an example html output from the mod_pagespeed i'v been working on , been keeping some notes /pastebins on the install steps so I can reproduce them when i come to re-image the live server.

Towards the bottom you can see a vast difference in the parsed HTML , page sized was increased overall by 100kb! ( because of base64 inline images) while the total number of requests was cut in half + each resource now gets a mod_pagespeed hash value which will work wonders with the CDN.

I wont have the flush the entire CDN image cache when i want to update a banner or a single image.

++ Since Deb7 has been stable for a little while, going to start switching over next week including the new openssh1.0.1 + nginx + mod_pagespeed.. should be interesting...

#nginx #mod_pagespeed #ngx_pagespeed  #google
Notes on installing mod_pagespeed with nginx on debian. OVH install V0.1. Your server is based on Debian 7.0 stable (Wheezy). This distribution is based on a 64-bit system. Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.46-1+deb7u1 x86_64 GNU/Linux. Dev system is a fresh build KimSufi ...
1  < blitzIO webserver stress testing, very handy ( did i also mention, it's free ?)
Blitz makes load and performance testing of your web site, API, iPhone and Android and Facebook apps a fun sport. Instantly launch 1,000,000 users from around the world against your site to see if it ...
Still haven't gotten around to adding more snaps to the gallery..
If i could just find a free hour some where in the month.. i can get the other 70 or so pics uploaded..

Did you get a chance to track down any of your own recently ?
There's an entire section dedicated to Glasgow and 'the west' :)
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Poor quality all around, extortionate rates given the accommodation type. As soon as my term was up I found private accommodation at almost half the price which was much nicer. Pros: Getting to know new people, (we had great common ground to start friendships from, we all shared a dislike for Opal1! The building, the management, the constant broken lifts, the 4am fire alarms etc. A constant discussion point between groups of strangers brought us together. Cons: literately everything you can think of, it would make me quite angry to type them all here.. Before considering staying here ( or sending your children here?). Have them do a little research on open forums like facebook and what not. To get a real idea of what to expect from what was a very poorly managed and totally substandard student accommodation.
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