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Just spent five minutes going through my Hotmail, err Outlook email account cleaning it out with fresh folders and a bunch of rules to help keep things more organised - I highly recommend a little mailbox maintenance from time to time!
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I have found that in an office environment it is the women that never clear out their mailboxes. They always seemed to have no amount of special offers and any spam that crept through the filters and would never delete any of their stuff unless I prompted them.
Now come on girls... prove me wrong !
I have a bit of that myself Dave, I think everyone does.

I make a point of unsubscribing from spam, a lot of the time the businesses are using email marketing software and it really does unsubscribe you. If it keeps coming through, that is when I start marking as spam to train the spam filters.

The maintenance I was referring to was more about tidying up the email lists that I have genuinely subscribed to. For example, I'm signed up to a number of deal sites - they email me regularly & I read them from time to time but I don't want them choking up my primary inbox, so I move them all to a folder.

I've got that same basic principle setup for a raft of different categories of email I receive from all over the place, just to make reading more important mail easier - so I'm not having to manually filter through the constant stream of email myself.

How do you handle it?
I'm retired now so I have one email acount that is very personal, only a few people know it and it has good spam filter on it. I then have a hotmail account which serves my amateur website and is very good at sorting spam, maybe not very professional but it works for me.

When I was working everyone had their own mailbox and I would set up all sorts of rules for them and keep a careful eye on any junk that accumulated
I'm very unhappy after having moved to a PC that uses WIn7 - there's no email client! I used to have awesome message rules that kept it well organized. I was lucky to at least be able to recover my email messages into Thunderbird (which I hate with a passion). Setting up filters and message rules in Thunderbird eludes me. I'm not even able to search properly, and when moving message to different folders manually I've more than once dumped them in the wrong folders or not budged them at all, it's that crappy. I'm not rich enough to be able to afford Outlook ....sigh
I have a couple of gmail accounts, but also a number of email addresses at my own domains. I don't like the gmail GUI. I like good old Outlook Express and Vista mail LOL
Even Outlook is not that great for all the big price  (I have it at work).
I've never used it but a lot of friends think that the Mail application on your Apple computers is quite good, have you ever used it?
Nope, I don't have an apple computer.
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