Google has just announced fresh documentation covering three common scenarios involved with moving a website, which includes a responsive web design and dynamic serving recommendation for each of the following:

1) Moving from separate URLs to the same URLs
2) Moving from the same URLs to separate URLs
3) Switching from responsive web design to dynamic serving or visa versa

What I'm a little confused by is the use of 302 redirects in the documentation, that seems like the wrong approach to me and I'm hoping it is just a typo.

For instance if you were going from separate URLs for mobile and moving to a single set of URLs for desktop/tablet/mobile and using responsive web design or dynamic serving -- you'd want to issue a HTTP 301 permanent redirect from the now defunct mobile specific URLs into their corresponding desktop URLs.

I'm hoping that +John Mueller, +Pierre Far or +Zineb Ait Bahajji can clarify if this a deliberate change or not? If it is deliberate, why has the recommendation for this changed from using a 301 redirect to using a 302 redirect?
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