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Alistair Erskine
Ingress : CarltonDragget . Get me to DJ at your Significant Life Moment. Not the cheapest in town, but neither is your fiancee.
Ingress : CarltonDragget . Get me to DJ at your Significant Life Moment. Not the cheapest in town, but neither is your fiancee.

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Most energising act in Australia right now does an excellent like a version with Paul Kelly to help on the live chorus cuts. Doesnt get much more Australian than this. 

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Yall know the name
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Ban mac addresses of spoofers.
Announce capsule drops/pickups in comms.
Get rid of the Guardian badge.
Focus ingress on not a constant barrage of this rubbish but instead the fun game we all learnt to play.

+Niantic​ +NIA Ops​ +Ingress​ 

Ingress Spoof Report
At 7.50pm on Tuesday 13th September AEST The Gundangarra Logbook portal was attacked by agent @relluCG. Portal Location,150.14358&z=17 .
75 minutes later at 9.03pm the portal Myles & Milo Dunphy Memorial was attacked by the same player.,150.120422&z=17
Both Portals were simply jarvised. At least one portal had been held for well over 2 years.
The Straight line distance between these portals is 4.8km, however the only way to get between these portals is to walk "off-track" or bush bash as it's known in Australia This involves a hike of many hours literally up & down mountains & hills.
The following link shows the effort one experienced team of bush walkers took to do the trip as part of the famed three peaks challenge - they did it in 5hrs - during daylight hours. This intrepid ingresser managed it in 75 minutes in the dark!
Attached are screen shots of the events in question, along with a satelite view of the type of terrain these portals are located in. Getting to these locations is a major achievement as can be seen by the above & similar write-ups of those who have attempted the three peaks challenge. We respectfully submit that it is unlikely that this agent could have achieved this feat in the given timeframe in any way other than by sitting at his keyboard, and ask that NIA investigate the above report & take the appropriate action.
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Trials and Briggs absolutely kill it. This A.B. Origninal project is a bunch of banging beats, killer hooks and no holds barred indigenous Australian political reality. This is how you use hip hop for good. I heard this on the radio the other day and couldnt cheer any louder. Irrepressible. Irrefutable. #music #ABOriginal #Australia #hiphop

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Platinum Lung Guardian!

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So this spam is completely clogging comms now. It's so so sad. Cant you put in a filter that any time someone mentions "ingress store" the message is blocked? 

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Just unpacked a box of records, and this was in there. Sooooooooooo goooood. Rough, tough, rolling progressive house. 

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Boom. Don't even miss em. 

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