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I'm...actually speechless...
A proposed new law in Arizona would give employers the power to request that women being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they're using it for non-sexual reasons.
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then the employers can pay for the health care of ALL the babies.
that is the complete OPPOSITE reason they make the stuff! why is this country so backwards? they obviously want us all to be on welfare with 6 kids.
What in Arizona! Am using the pill not for birth control...the pill is also for medical condition as cyst :( 
Kevin G
so... so wrong. that violates not only the HIPPA privacy rule but is completely degrading to our women. This country is going so far down hill...
It's birth control, what nonsexual reason is there? \
That is a violation of privacy. Arizona is stupid
Put a nickel between your knees; keep on walking was the advice given in our family. We all have hormones; all that is needed is self control. 
I hope to see the Democrats get majorities in all levels of federal government. Given time, all but the most retarded Republicans will see that the Democratic/Liberal way of life is the most humane, profitable for all and righteous.
sex happens. it's fun. try it sometime, maybe even with someone you're married to and haven't touched in 5 years.
Oh great, "my" state is in the news AGAIN. What a surprise - Arizona politicians have got to be the dumbest in the country.
I'm sorry but that is just wrong! What will be next? The color of your panties or perhaps whether or not you wear boxers or briefs. JUST WRONG!
+Austin Beckring I took it all through high school for my acne. Then I got married and it had two purposes.

+Jim Clark But should a woman be FIRED for taking birth control for sexual purposes? Because that's what at stake here.
+Ann Ferris bras, or the lack thereof. it will be illegal to go braless... i am sick and tired of the whole hbc debacle. :(
Well, hold on. The thrust of the article is that Arizona, as a right to work state, allows employers to fire workers for any reason. I think the law is shit, but the article is drawing a very thin line. I don't believe the logic in that article to be valid or sound.
I am so glad I live in a free country (Canada), I feel so sorry for Americans as they slowly allow their freedoms to be taken away.
Maybe it's because the new owners (China) want the people used to being controlled. I just read Boston is considering a law making moshing illegal. C'mon America rise up, reclaim your freedoms. 
Just for a bit more complete info, here is a link to the actual bill. Section Z. Essentially changes it from a "religious employer" to any employer.
+Austin Beckring polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, adenomyosis, menstruation-related anemia and painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea). mild or moderate acne. irregular menstrual cycles dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
+Jim Clark If a man has to change to a more expensive medication for blood pressure due to side effects, do you think their employer has the right to know whether that side effect is impotence?
Andy - we wont be free for much longer with Harper driving and Toews' spy bill
+Darcy Cunningham I agree with you on the spy bill, but that is just one of our politicians following the US in lapdog lock step. People like Toews exist in all political parties, in all countries, sad but true. What's really sad is that the US used to be so cool, so open and it is becoming so repressive with everything coming under some government thumb. And because they set the lead for other countries, we have morons like Toews getting traction (almost as bad as Trudeau invoking the war measures act when the CCC was more than sufficient).
Even so, civil rights in the US have been eroded, especially around privacy, access to information and freedom of religion, while they have progressed or at least stayed the same in Canada. That doesn't mean that we don't have people here trying the same things, they are just less successful. Our people are seemingly less
likely to trade freedom for security. People everywhere need to keep their freedoms, but especially our big brother (no pun intended) to the south because that is who the rest of the world watches. If pluralism fails there, how does it grow in countries that are repressed?
+clifford lowe are viagra and cialis covered under insurances? will this law allow men to be fired for taking ED drugs? (not being sarcastic, i just don't know)
This is old (1998) but the most direct comparison I could find. According to this about 50% of viagra prescriptions were being covered, while only 33% of large group plans covered OCPs. My point was more that this is an invasion of the privacy of the doctor patient relationship (why does your employer get to know about polycystic ovarian syndrome?)
Many catholic institutions cover viagra, but there is no provision for checking your marital status.
i agree, and although i'm not in AZ, nor is my employer religious, I only use HBC for non contraceptive reasons, but i definitely #1 could not afford to pay out of pocket for it, and #2 don't think i nor my employer would be very comfortable discussing (even if only on paper) the state of my reproductive organs, or methods to diagnose said issues, nor is it his business.