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There are 10 days left and still stalled. I'm actually kind of upset about this - we have here an Afghani *man* who is literally putting his life on the line to aid and educate women, and I can't get more than a couple of people to share this? Out of a couple hundred? Seriously? We're all happy to share cute little graphics ad nauseum, but when it's something that could be life-altering for women, we can't be bothered? WTF, people?
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And this, right here, is why we need to encourage education in women...
I Like to agree woman they needing more training. In Armenia they are to slow with the pigs in morning and making breakfasts for the men folks. Try posting pig pictures too! for many 1s and shares yes!
I do not see the reason why should I be helping educate those women. Especially from Afghan, a country still dominated by militant religious people. It would be like trying to help the enemy instead of helping yourself. Sorry, if it were possible I would vote against this.
Every tragedy can't be my tragedy. The world is rather large and has rather many bad people in it and rather many good people suffering in it. As long as I 1) Do no harm personally to the best of my knowledge, 2) Help some others and do some good to offset the harm I am probably doing without my knowledge and the harm at least a few other people do, Then I have to get on with my own life and call that enough, doing my part, etc. It's not your place to attempt to guilt other people over seemingly not caring and/or not giving of themselves because they don't re-share every one of the zillion tragedies you post every day. We actually have other hobbies and other uses for social web sites and other personnas we wish to present to the world.
Alison, I think what you are trying to do is a very good thing, I think the main problem is that we first need to educate all the f'in idiots in our own countries before worrying about educating those in other countries. Also, why just the women? Properly educate the men as well
I needed to comment because I found your cause not worth fighting. Why waste money to educate religious people who do not want to better themselves?
+Bogdan Ibanescu Just because you don't consider it worthwhile doesn't mean other people do. You don't know these women - you have no idea whether they want to better themselves or not. Frankly, since they're risking injury or death to attempt to educate themselves, I'd say chances are pretty fucking good that they want to. You don't have to agree - I don't really care. But you don't have to rain on my parade, either.
afgan women need my support ??? WTF ? can you find another country for my support, plz?
+Bogdan Ibanescu That's like the worst argument for not educating women. You don't know how it's like to be caught in a culture like that. And you call them 'religious people'. What's that? A different species? A lower species in the chain of evolution? Get real!
Remember that teach a man to fish rule? Teach these women to give blowjobs and they will get their pencils, chairs, rulers etc.
Hey Ali, looks like you found some great proof that we need to educate men too!
Hell yea! is there a computer in your kitchen?
I responded because you posted about me and/or to me.

By saying "no one reshared? really? out of 2/3 hundred?" etc.

As one of those few hundred, you accused me of something. It is entirely reasonable to for me to respond in some way, be it objecting, agreeing, apologizing, what have you.

Why I felt the need to respond is entirely explicable.
Why you pretend otherwise is not.
+Brian White Being a callahanian will only get you so much slack. This is My House - you do not come into my house and be rude to me. Or maybe you do. In which case, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

All the rest of you misogynistic assholes who think it's funny - it's not, you're not - all you are is a walking advertisement as to why we need to support women in their quest for education and independence.
Haha what? Holy cow. Rather false analogy but lets go ahead and use that analogy anyways. The only people who demand that I actually agree with everything they say instead of being allowed to have my own opinions, and consider anything else to be being rude, are not people I ever visit socially.

If you think that my saying "I don't like and don't think I deserve being accused of not caring." is being rude to you, then by all means, unfriend me.
+Bogdan Ibanescu the reason is because educated people can communicate better and to a larger audience. The one thing we have seen in the last few hundred years is the effect of education on global politics and subsequently the economy's. Information is power and the power to drive change.
My advice to you would be to travel out of your country on a very low budget and broaden your world view.