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Fun in the Sun! Win trip to Mexico @airtransat contest.
<p>Hi!</p> <p> I want to share this awesome contest with you.</p> <p> Win a week of Fun Under the Mexican Sun for two at the all-inclusive IBEROSTAR Quetzal!</p> <p> Click here to participate.</p>

Alison Cummings

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I'll know spring is here when +Ray Hiltz swaps out his snow scene for some sun! :)
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+Alison Cummings Right :-)

Alison Cummings

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It all depends on what you consider "successful." 

Inc. magazine's definition appears to be very different from mine and the other people with whom I shared this refreshing post.

Alison Cummings

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Have the courage to suck. Commit to the fight: The thing about fear via +Copywrite Matters  #copywriting #mantra
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+Alison Cummings i suppose we are not educated to do so in our culture zones, so we always hv to fight to do so

Alison Cummings

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Wow! Here's to making it through +Jeff Bullas list in 2014. #socialmedia #contentmarketing
Blogging whether it is for your personal passion or for the corporate blog is quite often a journey that has its highs and lows. Sometimes we need to find that inspiration to write that next post or optimize the blog so that maybe one day you will be able to monetize your expertise and content [...]

Alison Cummings

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Why you have to take search personally: Google Semantics best-selling author +David Amerland  & +Ray Hiltz 
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+Ray Hiltz Any time! As I mentioned, this will inform my read of +David Amerland's Google Semantic Search.

Alison Cummings

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Most effective way to present a case study on email marketing? Share a personal story. via +Copywrite Matters.
Have her in circles
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Alison Cummings

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You have to wonder if a majority of the art, inventions or technologies we enjoy today would exist if the creative mind(s) behind them 'never gave up.' 

Just read this article by +Men with Pens and feel a little happier and a little lighter as I start my day. ;)

Alison Cummings

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Hi +David Amerland, +Alison Cummings here from the +Ray Hiltz #LunchBunch. "Disruptive" is the perfect one-word summation for today's social media landscape. It's exciting, but a bit of a roller-coaster ride. I appreciate the clear strategy you provide to take on these new challenges.

Interestingly, a week prior +Mitch Joel, author of CTRL, ALT Delete, spoke at +Social Media Breakfast Montreal about how we are in  "media purgatory," with no clear, defined rules. What used to be a clear, straight path in our careers, our workplace culture, to how we brand/market our products and services, has become a "squiggly line." 

How do we evolve, stay relevant and embrace "a world that has totally changed"? During his talk, Joel shared his views on how to "reboot" as a business and as an individual.

One quality he highlighted as important for small business owners like me: Resilience.

My thanks to you both for taking on a relevant topic in such an engaging, thought-provoking (and accessible!) manner.
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+Alison Cummings you're very welcome and I am very glad it helped. 

Alison Cummings

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Reminds me of +Mitch Joel's advice during last Wednesday's  +Social Media Breakfast Montreal on how to evolve and stay relevant in the reboot of today's CTRL ALT Delete world.

It's all about resilience.
A college ex-president offers 10 things you can do to get through a professional setback.

Alison Cummings

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Check out entries to +Men with Pens  Scholarship to the Best Writing Course for Business Owners. Who will win a spot this year... maybe me? (Fingers crossed) #goodreads
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I'll be there +Alison Cummings, winner or not!

Alison Cummings

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Here's link to +Jeff Taylor  interview with +Mitch Joel  (get's rollin' @ 4min in):  #smbmtl 
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Appreciate that Alison. Tk u.
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