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Al Chris
Loving life and the freedom to explore, experience and capture magic moments
Loving life and the freedom to explore, experience and capture magic moments

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"We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we measure our world"
Overlooking Tasman Island on the way to the Blade, Three Capes Track Tasmania.
#discovertasmania #threecapestrack #tasmania #wordpower #strength #achievementunlocked #success

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Plus Post Week 4
I'm way behind with creating and posting my images for this fantastic mentorship ably guided by +Alex Lapidus​​and +Heiko Mahr​​.

The focus for week 4 was multiple exposures, both in camera or using software as well as reflection blur.

An app I have only just downloaded and played with looks like being a huge time consumer due to its ability to allow you to easily layer and adjust images to create fascinating and complex final images. It is called Meld and well worth trying. 
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New theme - no need to scale back your efforts with this one!
B&W Project 2017
15/26: Scale
Date of Posting: Friday 28th July
There are several interpretations of this theme, the choice is yours how you balance out your preferences ;)
Done forget to tag myself +Al Chris​, +Maayan Windmuller ​and +Pat Kight​as well as use the hashtags #bwproject12_of26 #B&WProject2017

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B&W Project 2017
14/26: (Just before the) SPLASH!
Curated by this wandering Aussie +Maayan Windmuller​​​and +Pat Kight​​​

Wow - on my most recent travels, I spoilt myself by going on not one, but TWO whale watching cruises out of Sydney Harbour.
To see the whales and witness their interactions was phenomenal. I didn't shoot all the time, I wanted to capture with my eyes as well and store the memories away safely. Such a fantastic experience. 

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B&W Project 2017
13/26: (Self) Portrait
#BWProject2017 #bwproject_13of26
Curated by the ever adventuring me, +Pat Kight​ and +Maayan Windmuller​.

Okay, those who know me well had better sit down.

I've included 2 of about 7 self portraits I did while travelling this last few weeks!!
I've changed in so many positive and life affirming ways in the last 4 months, and am getting more comfortable with creating them.
Ever onward x
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Aaarrrggghhh - my toughest theme.
What are you going to show us for this theme?
B&W Project 2017
13/26: (Self) Portrait
Date of Posting: Friday 30th June

It’s half-time already! Yes I know, we just had “outside your comfort zone”... ;-) Give it a try, you might like it! Show us your street, family or pet portraits. If you are considering a self portrait, get creative with light and shadow, your point of view or composition.

Remember to tag +Al Chris, +Pat Kight and +Maayan Windmuller as well as to use the hashtags #BWProject2017 and #BWProject2017_13of26

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B&W Project 2017
12/26: Wow Factor!
#BWProject2017 #bwproject_12of26

Curated by the ever wandering me, +Maayan Windmuller​ and +Pat Kight

WOW! Vivid Festival in Sydney.
A great time was had witnessing some of the displays and experimenting with some new techniques I've been learning in a G+ mentorship.
An in camera play produced this image of the fabulous Sydney Opera House.

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Another week of playing and experimenting, this time during the annual Vivid festival in Sydney.
I had a ball! This time. I was looking for vehicle trails,so the ferries worked as a colourful replacement for my usual car trails.
Ghosts were another focus.
Many thanks again to +Alex Lapidus​​​, +Heiko Mahr​​​ and the rest of the fantastic community I am part of. 
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Okay yes, it's true.
3 single origin pour overs in the one sitting.
Desperately needed, as I haven't had a decent coffee or tea in days! And the staff are excellent.

A warning note though if you're a photog - this is almost directly across the road from a very dangerous shop.
+Georges Cameras​​, a top store with helpful and knowledgeable staff. But very tempting!
Don't say you weren't warned... 

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Week 2 of my mentorship, inspired and assisted so ably by +Alex Lapidus​ and +Heiko Mahr​.
This week, I had my son Liam to bounce ideas off for a little time, which helped me be more relaxed at experimenting.
From this session, I started wanting to play in all sorts of locations and times of day.
The more I played, the more relaxed I became, and in the end, I went really freehand, creating some pretty abstract images.
The sense of freedom and fun I experienced was pretty cool - more experimenting will be happening, I can promise you! 
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