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Alison Boncha
I design. I sew. I make messes :)
I design. I sew. I make messes :)

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So excited about this!
Memories made easier with Stories and Movies

Now it’s even easier to bring moments to life with Google+. Today you’ll see several updates including all-new Stories, plus Auto Awesome Movies on lots more devices.

Stories make sharing your adventures a snap. Your best photos and videos from a trip are combined with the places you visited to create a beautiful, interactive travelogue.  

And Auto Awesome Movies will be available across Android, iOS and the web. Movies are a highlight reel of your best photos and videos, expertly combined and set to music.  

Check out the post below to see Story examples and for more details on what’s new in Google+.

These updates are rolling out today to Android users via Google Play ( and are coming soon for iOS.
#googleplusupdate #stories

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Very nicely named :-) #wine  
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Wow this is a really lovely story. 
"What I learned in all of this may help anyone who is marginalized: Tell your own story, and don’t rely on others to do it for you."

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Thanks +Angie Chang for putting on another great Girl Geek Dinner - this time with a fabulous line up of design talks. Really inspirational! 
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Omg adorable

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Thought this might be a good share! 12 Cute, Free Printable Calendars for 2014!

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Love this quote.
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
- Albert Einstein

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Have you ever heard of Uppercase Magazine? It's "for the creative and curious" - which is pretty much the perfect tagline for my life so I pretty much want it right away. It's a (OMG) for real print magazine that comes to your doorstep...which secretly makes me even more excited about it :-)

From the editor
Though the content is based in graphic design, illustration and crafting as its starting points, with such a broad statement the articles can be quite eclectic. I think it is this curious bent that makes the magazine unique and hopefully surprising with each new issue.

Check it out

You can also see a few previews of their magazine here:

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Foxy heels (or, what does the fox say? :-)

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I wonder why fashion sketches are done so dramatically? When translated to real life, the reality is so sad.
When they imagine clothes for #models , here's what actual women would have to look like. More images: — +Adam Albright-Hanna  #fashion #anorexia

Share if these sketches break your heart.
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