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Alison Beach
I'm kind of a big deal.
I'm kind of a big deal.

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Make Me Smile Monday
It's been a while.....but clearly there is cause for dancing....

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Avery: Daddy, I know why you can't taste your poop. Jon:.....why? Avery: Because there's no taste bugs down there.

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What We're Wearing
Lauren: This month I turned..... 30! I used some birthday money to re-vamp some of my wardrobe and here's one of the pieces I bought. I am loving this seafoam green sweater with the lace detailing at the bottom. Lace is one of my favorite details right now,...

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Merry Monday: Our Christmas Trees!
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... Here's how we decorate our trees! Lauren: Ever since marrying my hubby, we've had a real tree. The sisters and I grew up always with an artificial tree, and some years I've done both a real and artificial, but the pas...

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Merry Monday: Holiday Decor
Merry Monday again, everyone!  You've seen our advent calendar ideas and our holiday card displays , so today we're going broad and just showing off some holiday decor we've started on (it's not too early, right??) Alison : Remember my fall mantel ?  The go...

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Welcome to the World, baby Ryan!
At long last, Alison and the fam got to welcome Ryan Hanger Beach to the world! Born at 1:24pm on November 9th at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, we weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. His siblings are excited to finally meet the little guy the...

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Our Spooky Houses
Here's a peek at how each of us are decorating for Halloween this year! Alison : I love the vintage vibe, and Halloween is a great place to do it.....BUT, I've got little ones that want bright, cheesy, Dollar Store design.  I'm too tired and pregnant to arg...

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What We're Eating
Is there a better food-coma holiday than Thanksgiving?  We didn't think so either, so today's "What We're Eating" focuses on that food-filled holiday as we share our favorites! Alison : I love traditional Thanksgivings!  I lived in Europe for a while and ha...

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Bottling Up Some Fall: Alison's Autumn Vases
I'm a big collector of jars, bottles, vases, etc.  They are a super easy way to decorate and just change things up in the home.  And, because it's officially fall now, I decided to use them to bring some autumn into our home.  Here's two easy ways I did it ...

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Boxes and Bins and Baskets - Oh My!
Today we're talking storage when it comes to the kids.  Who knew that kids were going to end up with so many toys?  (Um, all the other parents, apparently).  Our houses are filled with big, medium, and small toys for all genders, all ages, all learning abil...
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