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Dear Motorist

Here at the +Bike Commuter Cabal, we've been approached by a group of cyclists who recently lost a member of their own community to a car-bike-collision and have decided to do something postive. They've asked the Cabal to help with an awareness campaign titled Dear Motorist which is striving to make the roads safer.

They will be launching the campaign in the new year, but in the meantime have asked us to help spread the word that they are gathering cycling/motorist incident articles similar to this one - - to use as part the campaign. 

Each and every one of you can help. They've set up a Google form here: - as you're reading each day, if you come across any related article(s), please take a moment to anonymously submit the link via their form and help in their efforts.

We will keep you posted on further updates to the campaign in the future. Thanks in advance for your help and please feel free to share this amongst your Circles as well.

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