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The PlanetSolar, the first solar-powered boat to travel around the world. The boat is topped by 500 square meters of black solar panels. (Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images)
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Where are the barriers around the boat to stop accident-prone people from being thrown over board? ;)
Hehe, you're not supposed to be on deck obscuring the solar panels :-)
a yacht runs by tat's an innovative move ..:)
dnag that is alsome how much do you think it cost$$$$$$$$$?
Chris S
and if it's bad weather it stops
Excellent design...not sure about the secondary solar panels flowing over the edges...couldnt they be incoperated somewhere else? Spoils the balance...Nevertheless GREAT boat!
This is perhaps the most redundant waste of time I have seen in a long time. Ever hear of sails?
that true why not just make a sail over the panels and stop the panlels theat are being covered by it at the time
Actually, solar panels can still work on cloudy days. On the darkest gloomiest days they can still work at about 10% efficency, and with normal cloudy conditions they work at about 50%. Obviously direct sunlight is the best condition for them though.

I saw a study not that long ago that said new solar panels could provide enough electricity for a single household all year round here in Scotland - and in summer they can actually produce surplus. And as solar tech gets more efficient that can only get better.
solar powered boat? wow amazing!
Makes sense to me. Convert to electric power when there is little or no wind. Only matter, go to First Solar's company web site and read what is said by their officials about solar power. After taking millions from the US government, they admit solar panels aren't efficient, they break down after being subject to prolong periods of heat.
Yeah, useless! Like the Space Program (And who needs teflon and better parachutes etc.?). And like the motor racing industry. (Who needs better brakes, tires, engines, chassis?). Definitely useless! Not. There are so many unexpected spinoffs from basic science!
i read that didn't know weather or not to belive it.
but how energy is captured bya panel at ten percent cod codliness.
Its a good effort for get ride of other energy sources underuse now a days
I bet the glare from that array was a €!£@# to look at while navigating around the globe... I'm hoping V2.0 will design the helm below the array next time? Plus, that had to be expensive to make those sea salt proof, corrosion nightmare!
now there is life into that boat.or shuld i call it a yucth
i would love to have sex with my wife on this boat
now that going green, boat looks awesome
who says they are "salt proof" nothing is .(carry spares) anodes
wow! it's cool , hey can anybody tell me what is the charge of south pole n north pole , ??????????? i m still confused , is it true tht opposite charges attract each other
With time, solar power capturing will progress, i hope, and boats of this size will be able to run on a 5 sq meters of solar panels, not 500!!! With traditional energy resource problems these days, this is a real alternative to look into and develop. Thumbs up for pioneers!!!
That's really cool looking. I would love to ride on that.
Awesome! Must be very slippery on deck! must be fun on the high seas.
Cool, a renewable energy powered boat! They should try wind-powered next ;)
Have seen this before.....we have the technologies quintessential for sustainable development, we just need to implement them, convert words into action.!!!!! Good job!!!
I would expect that deck to get really hot

Seems a bit of a waste of time though .... haven't they heard of 'sails'?
around the world. !!! I hope to travel with this fantasy trip
H Om
+Rolf Walldorf In Austria was a similar project with a smaller ship. I think 3 years ago. I did my best to bring them lithium iron phosphate batteries. This faiiled. Chinese companies have no idea about "promotion" and "sponsering"

Performance dependes on the weight and performance of the batteries.

Lead batteries - who killed the electric car? The lead battery.

Such a ship has to store day time electric power for night time. It's a difference for 100 kWh to 3 tons lead, 1 ton current lithium iron phosphat, 0,5 tons of the next battery generation.
The great invention and small help to Nature by human... race...
P.s.T B
this pic is cool
Nash JL
I saw it in Hong Kong last summer, amazing
Now if we could just get a solar powered car that would be available to general public
every body say and consult DHEYA AL SHARQ
+Manny Rivera , hopefully "collage" will prepare you for an amazing career in alternative energy.
Don't those panels occasionally get heat damaged sometimes?? Does the boat store some of the energy or does it run straight off it cos what about bad whether? Also I don't think that the world needs s a boat that runs on free reusable clean energy they started off like that (sailboats - wind power) :)
I will use this boat for thi shiffing of Furniture,Home and Villas.
for Re Location of Villas and offices.
Thank goodness! Finally a way to propel boats using renewable energy. How long did the world have to wait for that?
Might be a poor choice on a stormy night !
that is so beastO-O!
wayyy sawggg
Rex Su
My austronesian ancestors should be proud that their boat design is now state of the art.
The amount of breakthroughs in the last month or so as far as photovoltaics go is awesome.
This reminds me of new technology when things are kludgy and ugly and over time we look back and reminisce about how things used to look and function; hopefully 25 years (or less) away from that.
We live on a sailboat and rely almost entirely on our solar panels and wind generator. For some reason, we get more amps from partly cloudy days than truly sunny days. We power two laptops, lights, radios, GPS plotter, and our refrigerator with free power. I can't wait to upgrade to a larger boat but it must be solar and wind energy reliant.
So why is the ship so big? For grabbing more energy or other reasons?
ocean going vehicles need to be big for stability in the open water
Lol, I pretty sure man mastered green water transport a couple years back. Yes, we use solar power and wind mills to "power" up our sailboats.
Woah, what an awesome boat!
Think about all those batteries full of toxic waste in that converted sailboat.
holy crap i wonder how many watts that baby stores.
it wouldn't work around here in the north of England as there isn't any sun.

how cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you insane who wud waste money like that
WOW! can you do some thing for automobiles and public transport also?.Make them run on air.
it looks like 400 panels and about 10 kWt of power. Doesn't worth it. And imagine how much it weights with the batteries.
Wt more info cn we gt abt it????????
It is a thing of bueaty, Wow .......thank goodness for natural creativity, no polution coming from this baby.
No.1. How many "years" did this vessel take to complete it's journey & No. 2. How many solar panels did the crew have to replace??...Nice idea but many years from being a serious alternative.
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