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Yes, she is doing it on the train in NYC subway.
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Chopping onion on the train...i hope the show was good!
She is a real women who give a responsibility to her home... respect her
Looks like she is "trained" to do that... ;)
St Lau
What she wants to do?
The guy on the left looks totally appalled.
with that nife I hope she don't get arrested !
WTF, seriously? This is wrong on so many levels.
Somes kissing, somes chatting, somes listening... I'm slicing onions! :))
That's right. I'm choppin' onions on the freakin' subway. I need this! You know what it's like to walk around with whole onions? Do you?! Don't judge me.
Ace E
is that Onion? Poor guys, they'll probably end up with teary eyes....
They're like is she serious?
Yury H
Just being a woman..
چه فکر خوبی. من هم سبزی هامو می برم توی مترو پاک می کنم.
Some people listen to music, some people read, she prepares lunch. At least its a constructive use of time.
So it's not just Hong Kong where ppl do the strangest things underground
thank god,i'm chinese
so what happens when she is done cutting this?
Don't care where the wife does it, as long as it's ready when I get home.
Probably last-minute homework for the culinary school.
You gotta respect the lady for multitasking.. :) #brilliantidea
She's probably coming from work,and doesn't wanna get home and start slicing,chopping,and dicing.
I admire her recognition of the saying,"time wasted is never regained.".
Is she chopping onions? No-one is going to mess with a crying chick with a knife!
I dont belive it
باور نمی کنم
In London she would be arrested just for having a knife.
Bombay yah , that place is a mess :(
May be its a garlic, you know vampires etc...
hahah ...... funy
How impractical...and should she have a knife on the train?!
Wow that's a lot of comments it's a world wide phenom. I'm impressed, how this being possibly anything in the realm of speculation; Is certainly causing a range of reaction. Influenced by how the viewer is predisposed to speculate the origins of said situation experienced in this image. That makes it art...
That's ONE way to show people you A) have a knife and B) know how to use, the question is, is she on her way to or from work, lol
This is very common and also done at a charge in Mumbai local trains for years now. Good to see the world catching up!
What a brilliant idea to keep some space to herself...
Imagine the same in mumbai trains!!! :) :)
no... time efficiency i guess.. funny world
پیاز را باید با انگشت بشکنید که شیرین بشود. محل انجامش مهم نیست.
this good bu yaxisdir ama bucor yox این خوبه ولی اینطوری نه
LOL - +Derrick Koh +Nicholas Ong bro you should see this... Well, you know MRT has no eating/drinking... but there is nothing that prevents her from... preparing food!
she must be pressed for time!
داره چاقو و تخته ای که خریده را تست میکنه !
تو متروی ایران اگه بتونی خودتا نگه داری پرت نشی خیلی زرنگی محض خانومای ایرانی گفتم هوس نکنن تو مترو از این کارا بکنند!!!
Maybe she'd like to have a Luoyu Phone.
Looks like she is from Mumbai, India! Have seen it often in the suburban trains there! :)
other than sitting there idle, is this the ultimate time saver or what?
she is Trying to cut it right for MasterChef Quest :)))))))
that is called PROFESSIONAL
That's one angry housewife... Determined to cut the onions for a dish her way... After all..."it was mostly her friends coming over..."
I have a very different take on this - She may be a good home maker, a responsible wife, a loving mother and a good employee but she obviously cares two hoots for the laws of the land and should be taken to task for being so rude and dicourteous to fellow passengers.
Check the audience around her - classic!:-) 
Is that an onion she's slicing/dicing?
wellll!!!! shes gotta be in some hurry!!!!!!!
I wonder if she brought the rest of the kitchen with her in that bag? Nice job gotta feed the family on a busy schedule!
hey sagar how u can say tht she is indian women
This is called best time spending
Gross! Subway breath on my shirt freaks me out! High chance of random flying mouth juice or some crusty bits from a passengers jacket or pant! No thanks!
Perhaps she could make up a few sandwiches for those hungry people on their way home too! ;) Then she'd be in business!
it is common in the local trains of Mumbai
She must be a cook leaner, reviewing her cook lessons 
busy busy busy :))))
I want to do like that because we are so busy to work!
she is having lot of work at home that's why she's saving her time.
this is what happens if you allow woman on trains.
look at the two men looking....Great work lady...
Carry a knife on the sub? it is illegal in China.
Inna BK
she doesn't wanna waste her time on doing nthn
Saxlshi dro araakvs dros ykmad ar kargavs
I usually read books and/or listen to music. I have to admit I never thought of doing something productive.
what's wrong with it, what's so amusing??? Why should someone else be bothered with others are doing??
Wow! She likes to do what she want to do. Kitchen work in the train!
lmao - women multi tasking ! id like to see what she does while sitting in the loo :)
why iranian do not tolerate each other?
15 seconds left for the two guys until start to crying.
dis is known as time management!!!
either she has no time to cook for her kids ,or husband but really thats weird and ridiculous ..
In India women do the same in a crowded ladies coach while returning home at evening .
Thats pretty cool I would say. And morons who have a problem with that can go find themselves your own onions to chop !
I thought you couldn't be eating at the subway anymore, hahaha!
LOL!! Wow!! :D Next time she gets into the Train I hope she does not start cooking... :O heheh...B)
Got to love NYC the shit u see lol
That's one way to make grown men cry in public.
are you sure was'nt running out of time for the delivery
Emergency stop - some guy fell off the platform. Body taken away - guy on the right in photo. :D
Hahhaha.. why those guys didn't help her? She looks very busy :p
Mba +Martina Henny must see this picture. A housewive is doing her kitchen stuff on a train. What do you think, mba?
Talk about maximising on time management. Hmmm, I'm actually hungry now...
she have lots of work with her life.............
Kai Liu
well,she must have a 'reason' for doing that.
hahaha..."how to utilize ur time while travel.."
safe time?????? huh????
i think she likes eating everywere
she's right, 24 hours are not enough :(
How'd she get a weapon on the train? Terroist!!!!
NYC Subway as i always believed is a mobile mental asylum
She is more than impressive
working time Good carry on ............................ all the best
Stupid, that's why there are to many rats in the subways, people eating, preparing food in the subway, etc, The antieating law must pass immediately. The fine should be at least $200
Bet she is a busy mom making use of trip time.well done mom!!!!
Fantastic. This is how life ought to be - to do what you want to, regardless of what others think, so far as it does not inconvenience any !
Why not thinking she is a busy mom making use of trip time? Big hug 4u mom
she would make a good girlfriend. always ready to make me a sandwich.
thats weird whyy was she doing that
why she not geeting time to cut it ha
jai dev
Time Management...
enti papa intlo time leda leka samaja seva chesthunava andariki akade ondipedthu
Now that's funny... Damn she wants to make everyone on that train cry cutting up onions... LOL!
I think the reactions of the two guys in funnier than her actually trying to do this on subway.
I want to see her doing it at rush hour standing up lol
be careful, she might stab you with the knife, hence she is stressed.
lol well it looks like it is keeping the guys away from her lol.
she could be making a sandwich on the subway and make her own subway
They can see she is crazy. And she has kitchen utensils, like a KNIFE!
this looks fake to me for some reason. there is no way in hell someone would let her pull a large knife out on the train and do this.
what is she doing ? I can't make it out
Look if you didn't want your baby... abort it DON't chop it up and feed it to men on the subway
theres no way anyone should have a knife in new york LOL :)
People do crazy thing for attention I seen worst.the joke on her really.
Yeah doesn't she know that is how you get ants.
That is hilarious haha. Those two guys are looking at her like wtf?
Why not lol
at least she can't stop her womanizer :P
But what are the guy with the cap doing? Repairing a fishing net? :)
hahaha.............way to go .she is like i don't care , i got work to do
It could be worse, at first I thought she was cleaning a fish.
that is comical. you should see people on the MBTA in mass. some of the things that go on are hilarious
she dnt want to waste her time friends......
Oh well... people are knitting, clipping their nails and doing other stuff - like that guy on the right side of the picture, what the hell is he holding and who knows what is he planning to do with that? Ok, now that I looked more careful, the guy looks like a strangler. Good thing she is holding a knife!!!!!
Public transportation carries to many germs to handle food on.
+Reginald Blakey She probably won't be eating that herself anyway...
This photo made me think... If we already have pics like this one posted, what'll happen when everyone will wear these Google glasses - taking pictures of everything they see. We'll then have access to some really crazy stuff we have never seen before....
Quite common on Mumbai's suburban trains!
Some people prepare germy food on the train and some post germy facebook and blog posts. Not too different because both will be digested by the naive....
oh, my mom served something special :)
wow lol! Only in new York 
Taking mis en place to a new level! I think i'll call it mis en a train place.
Oh, SHE cut the cheese. At least now I know...
Must be late and had to bring the
I don't get it. Is she like multi-tasking? Wow, I guess I am going to be condemned to life long disorganization because I am not that committed. lol

I don't know. I wouldn't feed them to my family having been prepped in that environment...

But seriously from the social workey perspective, what would drive someone to such extremes? We don't know her story or what consequences may be involved if the meal is not ready by a certain time.
three r crazy if i am saying in three words hehehehe
Where is the TSA security when you need them? An exposed knife in public like that! DEADLY! The greatest fear of all Americans - Kitchen maneuvers in public! aaahhhhrrrggghhhh!
you kidding right?really really funny!
we are familiar with this kind of actions especially in trains running in kerala, india
wow, not the best idea the subway is a bit to dirty for my liking
As millions of commuters already knew, she found that a laptop helps one get some work done while riding the train.
That my friends, is either a hungry woman, or a dedicated one.
Also, it might just be that she has a long commute. I ride public transit and it takes me 2.5 hrs to get home from class. I usually do homework on the way.
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