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Money Portraits Origami by Hasegawa Yosuke
These cool little portraits are made out of money bills from all over the world.
+Nima Akbarpour coined the name MONEYGAMI but the artist calls them ORIMONEYGAMI
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Neelesh gavhade : good desing for curency. Marbeles
a lot of money has been wasted for creativity lol
its wrong, creativity make mony, money was created by some one.
I love people being creative about money. It's like hitting the dragon right in the heart.
can they make a cap for mahatha gandhi.........
I tried it immediately after seeing this and it's amazing! :))
Pakistani currency isn't there? please add it.
linh ha
which which country;s currencies r theseee???
Lu Xie
where's Chinese?
ren wu
i dont no
오... 우리 어르신도 있군요~~~
Anyone can teach me how to do that?
Gandhi is nt liked and his image was blocked bcoz he refused to wear proper clothes :-D
Gandhiji is busy @ Indian ppl's pocket :D
Cool.!! :)
if money is more than enough we can do anything.......... it's as simple as the above figure say's
Once a young gal told Ghandi "Wah Mohan kya body hain" bus uss din ke baad Ghandhiji ne shirt pehenna chodh diya :-D
WOW that is really cool! How long must that have taken for him to learn that?
wow..wonderful..Indian currency may be a challenge for the artist :-) :-)
too good how d hell can anyone make somethin like dis
Very cool but, how come Abraham Lincoln is wearing a ball cap, not a top hat?
THAT IS SO COOL! i can to origami but not that good....
Is that Che Guevera in the second row?
haha for the eye patch
Is that John Marston? (second row, third column)
MOST countries are missing - enough of "Where's India" please.
wish my country money could be origami to.. :p
it's so coooooooooooooool!
i like it! XD
That is very intresting I have to say I realliy like it. how in the world did you figure those out? I mean I have seen animals sure but famous historical people that's of the hook
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