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The Best Google+ Users in 2011
If you haven't yet, add them to your circles at:

In the past 6 months I've run multiple surveys and polls, asking the community to vote for the people who post the most interesting content and share the most valuable content. I've combined all the results and below is the list of the users with the highest votes. Add them to your circles at:

In no specific order:
+Denis Labelle
+Wil Wheaton
+Peter G McDermott
+Guy Kawasaki
+Colby Brown
+Gabriel Vasile
+Rodney Pike
+Giselle Minoli
+Samantha Villenave
+Johnathan Chung
+Michelle Marie
+Mike Elgan
+Chris Pirillo
+David Berkowitz
+Alida Brandenburg
+Louis Gray
+byron rempel
+Linda Lawrey
+Dan Gillmor
+Kim Sherrell
+Felicia Day
+Kara Swisher
+Teresa Stover
+Kjetil Greger Pedersen
+Thomas Morffew
+Lynette Young
+Christina Warren
+Charles Dowd
+Alex Koloskov
+Alireza Yavari
+Carter Gibson
+Adam Boenig
+Craig Kanalley
+Mark Rodriguez
+Jaana Nyström
+Ardith Goodwin
+Gerwin Sturm
+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield
+Darren Rowse
+Jessica Pierce
+Mari Smith
+Rehan Ahmad
+Natalie Villalobos
+Robert Scoble
+J.C. Kendall
+Loic Le Meur
+Courtney Boyd Myers
+Derya Unutmaz
+Vic Gundotra
+Philip Plait
+Trey Ratcliff
+Bill Gross
+Terrence Lui
+stephanie wanamaker
+Jay Rosen
+Mohamed Mansour
+Jaime García
+Alex Grossman
+Marilín Gonzalo
+Thomas Hawk
+Ahmed Zeeshan
+Lance Ulanoff
+Andrea Kuszewski
+Dan Leveille
+Chris Brogan
+Kayla McKinney
+Pete Cashmore
+Daria Musk
+Jack C Crawford
+Ryan Crowe
+Amanda Blain
+Ayoub Khote
+M Monica
+Cam Meadows
+Mark Cuban
+Kaylee Goins
+Christina Trapolino
+Brian Rose
+Tom Anderson
+Yifat Cohen
+Jeff Jarvis

Add these people to your circles at:

DISCLAIMER: I know the way I ran the surveys is not scientifically / statistically flawless. However, I tend to believe this list is very close to the collective opinion of the community or at least the few thousands people who have participated. :)

Please let me (+Alireza Yavari) know if you have any feedback on the list. If you know more users to add to this list, please leave a comment on this post.

Happy NEW YEAR and thanks for your contributions.

Links to the past surveys:
Find more interesting people to follow at
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I can agree with this post! All my friends are included as well! I havent got everyone circled but will rectify that now! It is a honor to be included!
Great list. Thanks for going through the effort and sharing :)
Nice company to be in, thank you all :)
Not my list... where did we vote?
This would be a great circle to share with newbies for sure!
i like how the google picture viewer adds the circles on peoples faces ... looks like a snipers scope. headshot headshot headshot
thanks for including me ... you're on one of my lists too
I've uncircled so many of these people. I think maybe I'll recircle some of them if they aren't still advertising agents. I don't go for popularity usually, I tend to circle underdogs.
Have them. Need Them. Want them. Have them. Want them. Oh, wait that's my baseball cards ☺ I have the whole set anyways!
I don't recall getting a ballot to cast my vote. Who handled the election?
No one asked me; but then again I am not special just a regular person.
I think it's pretty much everyone Google tells you to circle when you sign up for an account. Since they get the most followers, they are considered "interesting". I do however find Andrea interesting, probably the most of all of these.
Britney spears was on the list when I came on board and some snoop dog person.......I circled those I found interesting.
My screen is to small to see the image. Did I make it?
+Nora Buchalter-Qudus I never thought you had to be special to cast a vote. That's the charm of voting.

+Annika O'Brien I tried following some of the people Google told me to follow. Most of them were not interesting to me, but some where. I guess the same is true of this list. There are some that I've uncircled long ago and some I still find very interesting.

I'm less interested in them than I am in finding who these people are who chose them.
+Annika O'Brien thank for sharing your opinion. I did not handpick any of these people, they have been chosen by other G+ users. I agree that some of them are among the most followed people on G+ but many of them are not even in the top 500. In my opinion having many followers MAY be an indication of being active and sharing interesting content. :)
+Alireza Yavari Which G+ users picked the folks on the list? I'm just curious how it came about. I'm part of the G+ community, but I don't recall hearing anything about this before now. Who spread the word?
Lol no +Lotus Carroll +Lili Ana - and many others - quite unscientific indeed!
Although I do appreciate many of the names here, wish there were more!
+Dan Leveille Thanks, but I did. Doesn't seem to warrant "The G+ community." Not trying to be snarky.
+Charles Vaz it is unscientific, not for the reason you mentioned, but because the people participated in the survey have not been chosen randomly from all G+ user.
+Alireza Yavari That would be wonderful! Sorry, didn't mean to stir a fuss. I think I read more into the title than was intended.
So happy to see the list taking on a larger form - and also seeing some new and old faces. Thank +Alireza Yavari for putting this together... AGAIN! Wonderful time and dedication.
+William Beem +Alireza Yavari - I think the title is fine as is. You might add that the entire G+ community didn't vote, but a large sampling... however you've already mentioned that it was multiple thousands. You can't cater to everyone, Alireza, just let it stand :) people will get it.
+Alireza Yavari it´s a good list but it´s also a very predictable list. The self re-inforcing effect of having a high number of followers also leads to permanent inclusions in all the lists. Personally I find the hand picked choices by people I know well the best to go with, but all of these people will enrich the G+ feeling so congrats to all the included ones.
I just have to laugh at a shared circle like this that includes the author of this post +Alireza Yavari . What a shameless way to sneak yourself into this to build your own circles.
Thanks for the mention - G+ is a great place and community
I'm flaggergasted to have been included. I'm fortunate to be able to have access to the G+ community, where over the past six months I've met amazing people I never would have otherwise. Thank you for including me, +Alireza Yavari. I feel downright lucky to be here.
+Michael Nast - you have to respect the time and effort +Alireza Yavari put into running the polls, collecting the information, organizing the information and hosting it on the website for which he pays. Also, if I remember correctly, Alireza's inclusion in the list was suggested by many of the voters. Alireza is the first person who belongs on this list, in my opinion. He has worked for months to aid in the building of the G+ culture and adding to the community (his community and the communities of others), I'm pretty sure his inclusion here is understood and warranted. It's a valiant undertaking - do you condemn an artist for signing his/her work?
wow, pretty honored to be included with some of these heavy hitters on here...thank you whomever suggested i be included
Cool beans
I see a lot of my friends in that selection!
+Alireza Yavari This is really despicable. While the rich (very) early adopters get richer all the time through mutual asskissing and circle jerking sharing, the 99% of us are left in the cold. While they keep sharing this dross of theirs on a daily basis - to public acclaim - the really valuable content remains completely ignored. This is a disgrace and we won't stand for it any longer.
Hey, thanks for including me. :)
+Lucius Cornelius interesting comment from someone who hasn't any public content to offer at all, and has many people from this list in his circles...
+Lucius Cornelius Are you being facetious or were you serious with that comment? I don't have a problem with anyone on the list. I think each of us will find some folks there more interesting than others, but that's just a matter of individual preferences.
Of course he might just have forgotten some <sarcasm> tags around his comment...
+William Beem Totally serious. As +Max Huijgen points out, this is a self-reinforcing effect. With the way the stream works and the way circle sharing works, these people are getting more than their fair share of the attention, and predictably so.
+Charles Vaz keep in mind that some of your faves may not be posting publicly ! if they are limited posts not everyone gets to see their great content and this list will keep being updated so its quite fair it seems to me
+Lucius Crowe - would you mind defining "fair share" just so we're all on the same page? Thank you, Mr. Sulla. As much as I enjoy the fake profile of a Roman general/politician - I have a feeling we're dealing with a troll ladies and gentlemen. I'll hazard to guess that this individual is bored. Anyway don't feed the trolls !
+Ryan Crowe Counter-question: What's special about 82? There are a lot of good people not on this list...
+Alireza Yavari +Ryan Crowe Of course the people on the list are closing ranks. As I mentioned. +Andrea Kuszewski Now I'm a troll because I disagree with you. A month ago, you were glad to have my support in a debate with an actual troll. Sheesh.
I'm way ahead of the curve. I was already following most of these people. Yea me!
+Lucius Cornelius -Please make your own list then. I would be glad to share it with the community as would others. See, a lot of us tend to operate in a similar fashion; when we see useful content, we thank that person - and share that content. Right now you have provided nothing but an obnoxious temper tantrum - and instead of your message being heard, you are being blocked by several people (as some have intimated). G+ Tip: If you build it, they will come. So, do something yourself instead of complaining and hoping other people do it for you. I really do hope you find what you're looking for - thanks for stopping in :)
why am i not on this list. All this effort for nothing - gah ill keep at it :D
+Ryan Crowe I agree with the sentiment. That is my problem. While I haven't shared anything publicly, I do know that quite a few people who came to the party late generate great content, but it is generally ignored. Why don't we do an analysis - I bet all people on this list joined G+ in the very first week. Coincidence? Also: Blocking is a bit harsh for offering a dissenting view, no? Is that the G+ style?
I can't even imagine how much time and math this took, +Alireza Yavari - thanks very much for doing the work, and thanks (to many) for my inclusion on this list! It humbles the hell out of me that people even notice my silly page here. I appreciate it more than you know. :)
What a feat! Thanks for doing this. I'm curious, how does one collect answers from thousands of people? In my musings about this, I thought I might use a Google Form, but I'm not sure that would be the most efficient (or even possible, with those numbers). Thanks.
Not surprised at all by this list... or the plethora of people on it I've seen others drop for celebrity whoring rather than content value or sincere interaction. Even less surprising; A lot of those individuals who fit in the former category have given thanks on this post.
Wow, I am shocked that I am included with this smart, talented group of posters. I love my Plussers thank you all the wonderful people that read my posts and who inspire me to be better on here.
Increasing , I will try to be on that list next time.
What an incredible group of people! I must say I am flattered to be included with the ranks of +Engagers on this and am glad to notice a handful of people that I have yet to circle, but that's all inline with my "Parallel Stream Effect" theory, so it's all good. Thanks for the inclusion and I look forward to providing you all with more interesting posts.
New Years Resolution : Gossip Less, Love More, Cut Out Haters, Invite In Positive Peoples. So on that note. Thank you for the countless hours of work on a website that is completly your own project +Alireza Yavari ... It is a thank-less task.. I relate. G+ is different for each of us... if you circle even one person different. Don't forget that oh so judgmental folk. :)
...if "engager" means "all about how everything relates to me me"... totally.
Reposting from elsewhere: I hadn't heard of most of these people until today. The ones that I did know of I uncircled for boring me with excessive self-absorbed pronouncements, posting pseudo-punditry directed at, say, making people report people like me for posting filth of an artistic nature and/or stir shit to get followers and reshares, or "internet personalities" whose overestimated level of amusingness wasn't worth following.
+Dale Lazarov You said "I hadn't heard of most of these people until today"

Lucky for you, then! You have oodles of new interesting people to circle! Merry Christmas! (^_^)
+Andrea Kuszewski Darling, I have been on G+ since July and if I haven't heard of them, this is a case of "World-Famous In Poland" Internet Celebrity.

Gad, I remember the first time they tried to do something like this on AOL back in the mid-90s. Where are those folks, now?
I am always amused by people's scorn and disdain for ANY list they are not on. It is just a list of individuals on G+. People need to relax. Happy holidays +Alireza Yavari.
Thanks for running with this and introducing the Google+ community to excellent people to follow. You always do great initiatives to get us all together. :)
+Dale Lazarov, daaaaaaahling....... I've been on Google+ since Day 1, and all I've done is try and share cool stuff with interesting people and engage those interesting people in interesting conversations. If that makes me a celebrity World-Famous in Poland, then... woohoo!! Rock on! My last name is polish, so it works for me. :)
Dont post in a pic, share a circle. There's a typo there, "valubale".
+Andrea Kuszewski I do not doubt your sincerity. The thing is value judgments like "interesting", "valuable" and "best" have no objective measure. So when folks try to build a canon of Usual Suspects who very visibly and mutually promote each other, I tend to be even more skeptical about the non-virtuality of the claims.
+Dale Lazarov - Skepticism is a symptom of ignorance. Let's be clear, here. I'm not calling you an ignorant person, but you seem to be unsure of the validity of the claims made that the people in the list are useful/valuable. I might suggest taking the list for what it is... a list of people... and you alone can ascribe "true" value to the list's denizens. What is being provided to you and everyone is a series of starting points. Only you can choose where to "go" from each of those starting points. In order to overcome that ignorance, it is incumbent upon you to decide what measures you want to take to do so. If you choose not to, and succumb to ease of ignorance - that's ok, too. I would discourage you projecting that ignorance onto others, though, who may be in the midst of their own investigation and applying their own notions of value.
Personally, I don't like too many strangers circling me unless they have something interesting to contribute. I had to hide my friends list and I block at least 3 people a day, even more on posts that get a lot of shares and pluses. My good stuff goes unnoticed but the dumbest pun I ever posted got over 1,000 pluses. I prefer quality over quantity.
+Ryan Crowe I need to see your peer-reviewed research on how skepticism is a symptom of ignorance.
I dont mind if stranger add me to their circles. You cant stop people admire or love you. And I dont mind too circling starnger as long as their post are interesting and polite. It is good to have new friends. you alywas can learn something from new people.
+Dale Lazarov Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but "peer review" is not infallible. That holds almost no weight with me. I look at data and judge it on its merit, "peer reviewed" or not. Guess what? It's almost the year 2012. Crowdsourced validation is the new peer review. Welcome to the future! :)
Not that I care to jump in this conversation +Dale Lazarov or +Ryan Crowe, but wikipedia is FAR from a credible source for anything definitive.
I'll be honest, I glad to see my name in this list. Especially knowing that this was a community vote.
Thank you +Alireza Yavari for doing this.
+Andrea Kuszewski If peer review weren't an ongoing process, there wouldn't be any progress, self-correction or refinement. Whether peer review scholarly processes suit your tastes, faith-based, preferences, inclinations, etc, or not is, frankly, indifferent to the scientific method.

As for "crowdsourced validation", I am wait-and-see about it until it produces something like aspirin.
+Colby Brown I used to think like you but this Wikipedia article is sourced with scholarly work I find credible.
(At one time, the Wikipedia article on Luis Bunuel was full of inaccuracies. The current version is an improvement but it's basically a one-source article -- a summary of Bunuel's autobio.)
ANYHOO -- let's get back on topic. How else can I be a social media gadfly this morning? :)
+Dale Lazarov I called you a cheeky bastard because I thought you were joking. Skepticism stems from uncertainty, when you are uncertain you lack some amount of knowledge. Lack of knowledge is ignorance. In order to attempt to defeat or decrease ignorance, you must work to learn. That makes sense to me.
Hmm you still forgot me - uncircling and doing a rage quit! :)
+Liz ℚuilty I first read that as "rage quilt" and I thought... BAD. ASS. Then I saw it actually said "rage quit". Please say you just made a typo. I really want to see a photo of a rage quilt.
+Andrea Kuszewski im unsure how a rage quit on google+ would be done to be honest. But i can vouch for most of the people in the list above - i hangout with lots and follow them :D
Can we make a rage quilt happen?
+Alireza Yavari , thanks for putting this list together. Agree there are some awesome people on it (and not because I'm one of them). Each person brings something special and unique to Google+ and makes it the great destination that it is.
Now the pressure is on us, right? ... thank you +Alireza Yavari for all the hard work you put into this. Have a cold one on me.
I'm going to step up and apologize for being reactionary to this in my first few responses... that's sometimes the danger of the internet; the ability (or rather, opportunity) to spit forth opinion like a newborn does formula... and it usually winds up just as pretty on your best-friend's holiday blouse as it does displayed to the general public online.

There are some great people on this list... and this list is 's list. A list that a lot of time was spent on, likely a lot of personal time.

There are a handful of people on this list that many would say don't deserve it.... especially when it comes to interaction... and when you juxtapose this with:

"Chosen by the Google+ Community"

This is where you invite venom. Look at the first negative reactions before the trolling and you'll see "Ummm... the G+ "community"... I don't remember being polled." To be a little geeky, this is where it begins to become that piece of dust beneath the carapace of Shai Hulud that enables you to ride the angry beast... and that's no fault of this post or of Alireza's; but for those members of this list that are spreading their nominations in this list around the "Google+ Community" as a badge of honor.

...many of whom are not, in a great many other circles, liked very much.

Some of these same people have not been members of the same-said community... and certainly have not been "interactors" beyond their own diatribes.

The misnomer of "The Google+ Community" is what really seems to be pissing people off in this "list" that is right now flooding everyone's streams... and therein lies the importance of context and understanding with this post.

For a great many people who interact much more, share much more, and have "less" but more rewardingly close connections to the people in their circles... seeing this post as "what we all voted for" being paraded in their streams by people they long-ago cut loose from following for personal reasons (most of which include NOT interacting and, in all honesty... popularity whoring) could seem a personal affront...


Because, no matter the time you put into it, no matter how much you want to reward the people you care about... if you put it out there as: "These are the cool peeps you want to know because these are all my popular friends in the popular world!" with some strange addition of "and you all voted for them!" you're taking on a very assuming role of telling EVERYONE that they all love the prom queen.

Is it any surprise then that there have been buckets of bloody disagreement?

"My list of popular people" folks... that's just fine.

I am a part of the "Google+ Community"... and this is not my list.
Sorry that new users / I'm from BULGARIA Google + only from six monts, but I think that publish many..and also put much comments..are not included..
Greetings from my country and me +Alireza Yavari !!!
Thank you, +Aaron Malakai.

+Ryan Crowe Let me repeat what I've said with some additions: value judgments like "interesting", "valuable" and "best" have no objective measure. These are all YMMV notions based on opinion and cultural agreement, not measurable, fact-based statements. There is absolutely no uncertainty about this: all of these issues are a matter of taste. Anyone presenting these notions as measurable is asking for skepticism. This is not coming from ignorance; it's a fact that "best" is entirely subjective.

Also, because of my non-ignorance about how canon-building works I tend to be even more skeptical about the non-virtuality of the claims. You see, I am very familiar with how social networks, online or otherwise, try to build, justify and maintain a canon of Usual Suspects who very visibly and mutually promote each other to build/justify/maintain a consensus for their status as thought leaders / engagers / baloney floggers / etc. The fact that it's being flogged along with even more questionable claims (The Google Community... oops, not really a scientific survey of the community!) looks like it's a deliberate distortion intended to deceive for self- and social-promotion purposes.

There's the fact that the few people in this list that I was already familiar with are mostly people I chose to decircle for excessive self-absorbed pronouncements, posting pseudo-punditry directed at, say, making people report people like me for posting filth of an artistic nature and/or stir shit to get followers and reshares, or "internet personalities" whose overestimated level of amusingness and interactivitiness wasn't worth following, I am pretty sure there's not a huge overlap between what what I think is "best" is not what Alireza and/or his "Google Community" thinks is "best".

So, yeah, I have serious doubts about this whole enterprise and they are not based on ignorance.

I added some folks whose streams and/or About pages grabbed my attention but my assumption is that this list is overall not about excellence in postiness and engageosity.
+Aaron Malakai - I think you (and others) make some excellent points that have been part of the "polling/study" rhetoric for ages. Just like when some study/poll is released that says "Men in X country ages 18-21 drink more orange juice than women in Y country ages 22-25" - we know that this study or poll was based on a representative sample of those societies. Surely we know that every male in X country didn't answer the poll or were studied just as we know that every woman in Y country didn't answer a survey or submit themselves to be studied regarding their orange juice consumption.

I believe that +Alireza Yavari is counting on people to be familiar with that sort situation and not to take the title or headline literally. People are certainly welcome to say, "this list doesn't apply to me because __________." It's great that someone will take the time to interact with the post and get involved in a larger conversation. Alireza never thought or tried to intimate that he was speaking for the entire constituency of Google+; I believe, considering the language used in the post, that the aforementioned consideration is borderline absurd.

Alireza is not a Google employee. Alireza is a user just like you or me regarding his rights to post what he feels is useful. You have the same ability to post a list of valuable users. Alireza has worked hard, though, to have a large audience (actually worked, he wasn't a celebrity or anything before G+ as far as I'm aware) and thus the fruits of his labors can be brought forth for the consideration of that large audience. Also, what is he providing here? Alireza is providing, for free - after long hours of setting up polls and tallying thousands of votes - a helpful guide for people who are looking for interesting users. Those people will probably not stop Circling after they've read this list, and will continue to find other interesting users based on the content that is valuable to them.

Seeing this post a lot in your stream? Well, apparently, people are finding it useful the very same people you've Circled for some reason or another. And since we can't all cater to each individual person on the network we just have to give it our best shot. Consider the ridiculousness of shouting to everyone "hey stop sharing this, I've seen it enough already!" - it's your problem, right? Not their problem... your problem. Luckily, the people at Google are probably figuring out away to reduce Stream echo and you won't have to worry about it for long... but until then... you're the one with the problem. It is incumbent upon you to figure out how to get over it... and from experience, I can tell you that trying to make everyone else conform to what you like is not going to be the easiest path to take.

Circling people is free. It does not cost anything. It does not cost anything to be Circled. It doesn't cost anything to share and reshare posts. The only thing it "costs", I suppose, is time... energy... effort. People will do what is best for them. They'll find more people to Circle. They'll discover whom they want to Uncircle. They'll interact in ways that they choose. They'll find a way. If they don't, then they don't and it's no skin off of anyone's back.
Hence, exactly why ms. "GNOOB" +P E Sharpe and mr. "I'm popular so everything is okay but listen to this tangent" +Ryan Crowe were long ago removed from my lists mooooonths ago.
+P E Sharpe Well, as I said, I only know of a handful of folks on the list. The two in this handful who disrupted my participation on G+ as an "artist" (I am a writer/editor in my collaborations so I am uncomfortable wearing that word without quotation marks) were the ones who used the bully pulpit granted by their popularity to post pseudo-punditry directed at encouraging the reporting of people like me for posting filth of an artistic nature. Unintentionally or not, they almost caused me my G+ account because they egged on an agitated person who threatened to report me even though he had asked to be in the opt-in private circle I used to post borderline and hardcore gay filth of an artistic nature.

So, yeah, I blocked the two pseudo-pundits for almost getting me in trouble despite their entreaties that I was somehow exceptional in how I handled my filth.

I am delighted to report that G+'s new policy about erotic art of an artistic nature has changed things considerably for me. Still, those two would have to pay me well to interact with them ever again.
+Dale Lazarov - This is what it looks like you're saying:

"my pre-existing beliefs about canon-building can be applied to this effort and because of my pre-existing ideologies, I can not endeavor to claim to be an objective pursuer of truth because I am looking for trends that conform to my preconceived notions of social networking sociological behavior. Once I have found trends that closely mirror those preconceived notions, I will report those observations."

Also, because you can't know the motivations of others (even though you seem so sure ) - you are relegated to ignorance. You are skeptical because you are guessing the motivations of the lister/listees are self-promotion and deception; you are guessing this because of your preconceived notions of "canon-building". It's ignorance. Do you really think you know what other people's motivations are? People you've never met? Incredible!
+Ryan Crowe Hey, if it makes you happy to dismiss an entire field of scholarship as "belief", you are welcome to do so.

Good luck with your graduate thesis.
I am completely floored and humbled to be in this circle, when I see the quality of the others in it. I don't know what to say, except thank you to whomever was nuts enough to nominate me and to +Alireza Yavari for putting this list together. <3
+Alireza Yavari Thank you for all your amazing work in the community and for putting this together. There's so many brilliant and wonderful G+niuses here on Google+... I'm sure this is the first of many rocking' circles! :-) Ps. So honored to be included!! :-)
+Dale Lazarov - I'm sorry, you invoking a field of scholarship and claiming familiarity with it does not qualify you as an authority in that field of scholarship. Thank you for the well-wishes, sir, regarding my graduate thesis - but I do not require luck - I prefer hard work. However, if you wanted to send me a hand-masseuse, I'd be much obliged. Writing out my notes and typing the darn thing is cramping my poor right hand.
It's really hard to see all the faces on my phone, but judging by what I can see, there's a decent collection of photogs am non-celebrities. :) Sorry if I sounded abrasive earlier. I just see a ton of advertising for most people that I don't consider that great and saw many of them in the list.
Feel free to send them to my email associated with my G+ profile, I'd be glad to look them over.
What an interesting thread! I read all the comments and can sympathize with most. For my part, I'm very grateful and feel honoured to be included and want to thank all those who have mentioned me in the polls and +Alireza Yavari for including me in the final circle.

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion; However no-one should bash people for trying to be helpful and working hard in doing so.
I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone. - Bill Cosby

I started on Google+ with no-one I knew, even today only a handful of my friends are here. I'm no techie or celebrity, just an ordinary person from Finland. Love sharing my thoughts, posting (hopefully) interesting content, engaging in conversations and helping out Goobies (newcomers).
The words from Bill Cosby have been my guideline, I'm not a part of any popular clique, just been doing my thing. If a nobody from a small country can achieve to be in so many circles (thank you, my dear Circleverse!), then anybody can. It just takes time, effort and persistence. And posting in public. Find your niche and be yourself, is my advice.

To make good use of Google+, you should follow the five C’s:
Circle, Comment, Contribute, Curate and… Circle. – +Johnathan Chung
So many of the reshares I see of this circle are so full of negativity on the comment thread. I don't understand. I know a lot of people in this circle, and has flabbergasted to be included as well. It's easy to get upset about one tiny thing that one is not included in, and bash it as being elitist, but why not use that energy to build community? No one is forced to follow this circle. I got so much bashing for resharing it that I took my reshare down, it just wasn't worth it. ):

+Alireza Yavari took the time to make it and he asked for anyone to give nominations. There are a lot of regular, interesting people in it. I think the internet could use a chill pill this morning. (:
Thank you for posting this list. there were only a few I was not already following. And many of them have been kind and patient with this social beginner. You have been putting up with me since July! :D
With no expertise and much curiosity I have discovered I love to read the posts. And I have been know to ask questions, when I do not understand. I consider all of you interesting reading and most of you friends.
Many of you have been very helpful, supportive and just wonderful.
I have learned with the help of G+ to be more open.
Thanks to you I now have a business page, and my photography is now something I can actually use.
Happy New Year Everyone.
It's nice to notice that all my favorite people are on this list! Of course there are lot more people who should be also in it... but maybe next time? ;)

Congratulations for all who are on list for making this place so wonderful!
The most "valubale" content is spell checked before pasting into a graphic. :-)
I'm sorry if I'm bitching, but:
I wish people would read the comments... Four have so far commented on the typo in the pic. Shows a lack of something, doesn't it?
Not everyone of us speak English as their first or even second language. Ever heard of dyslexia or rather word blindness which some might have in a mild way?
Bad form, say I.
I cannot believe that the vitriol that began last night continues this morning. And I'm going to defend +Alireza Yavari not because my name appears on this list but to point out something that many people either easily forget or might not be aware of. I was brand new on G+ at one time with no one in my circles. It took a lot of time and effort to connect with people...reading and commenting on their posts and being interested in what was coming across my stream. Slowly I began to connect with people and to build relationships. But it took time, it wasn't automatic. And I noticed something great - there are many, many people like Alireza, with a base much, much larger than my own, who would in fact reach out to me and respond to my comments and circle me back. Alireza has always had an inclusive mindset and personality and from what I have continually seen he has always reached out to people. He is as interested in relationship building and networking and establishing a creative, visionary community as anyone I have seen here and I applaud him for that. He has put a lot of time and effort into it.

Anyone who wants to can make their own study, create their own group, build their own network, reach out to whomever they want. Nothing is stopping anyone from doing that. It would seem that the considerable energy here that has gone into criticizing this post would be better spent creating something of interest, beauty and poetry elsewhere.

And good morning +stephanie wanamaker and +Jaana Nyström, and everyone else here...
I feel honored to be on the list. Thanks guys!
+Giselle Minoli I was sad but not surprised at the vitriol last night as last year at this time I had this very same thing but Buzzers of the year and had votes and an Excel sheet there were 10 people resharing but I got same abuse saying this wasnt high school and they wouldnt tolerate popularity contests here! People miss the point its about helping people find great content and people with interests in common thats all! Anyone you cant please all the people all the time so you have to please yourself!
+Giselle Minoli I'm 110% with you on this. We all started out with 'zero' in here although some had reputations etc. carry over. The point is, anyone can make their own list (so stop being negative and DO something). The people on this list DO every day. They work to make the place interesting for them and those that are interested in the same things. I find almost every single one of the people listed here engaging, interesting and genuinely caring about the G+ community. I don't agree with People Magazine's top whatever list, and they didn't seek me out specifically for my vote, does that make it a bad 'list'? NO. I for one am glad for +Alireza Yavari's site, it helped me early on find people within specific niches that I was looking to connect with.
Thank you +stephanie wanamaker and +Lynette Young...and just to further illustrate my point, the two of you, along with people like +Jack C Crawford, +Carter Gibson, +Rehan Ahmad, +Ardith Goodwin, +Mike Elgan and +Chris Brogan (forgive me for not mentioning absolutely everyone) are all examples of people who had huge followings but were always respectful, kind and downright generous when it came to including me and helping me grow on G+. And I thank each and every one of you. And an extra special thank you to +stephanie wanamaker for correcting my spelling of "vitriol" without cramming it down my throat!
I don't want anyone to be scared away from promoting G+ just because of a few naysayers! There are thousands who still appreciate all your efforts and I would say this even if I wasn't on the list! This is a fair system as it is constantly updated btw and remember there's always next year!
What a wonderful list it is +Alireza Yavari.
I am flattered and I thank you. I am glad to find some of my really close friend in the list. That's awesome.

I would like to advance my heartly thanks filled love and anticipation for +Gabriel Vasile for the mention. I will try my best to keep the element of interest and quality in my posts :). And you yourself is brand of quality and useful posts.

And +Giselle Minoli you are always wonderful with your words, one of my FAV source of learning here on G+.
To mention, +Carter Gibson +Denis Labelle +Samantha Villenave +Jack C Crawford +Jaana Nyström +Mike Elgan +Ahmed Zeeshan +Mari Smith and +Michelle Marie for being wonderful folks on G+.
Maybe I look at things like this differently. I think it is totally awesome that people can express themselves freely here on G+. That said, I'm the first to delete "rude" comments on one of my posts. My rule is simple. If you attack someone with your words, you will have to do it in your own room, not mine. I've been lucky, this has only happened a few times.
So, I support the freedom for anyone to say what they wish, but I maintain my right to ask them to leave the cocktail party while I lock the door behind them.
although i don't share circles (just my personal belief) i do understand they work for some people and have no problem with it. i prefer to go to peoples profiles and see what they are about before i circle them. that is what separates G+ from Facebook, no one should get offended if they are not included or circled back because that is not the philosophy of this site.

i only recently started being included into some of the circle shares but before that had over 5k people that found me without using mass circles. some might think i am ungrateful not to re-share a circle i was included in but again –to me–that goes against the spirit of this site. and also how can i blindly endorse a mass group of people that i have no personal connection with (yet)?

the one thing i have always been conscience of is providing original content since day one. 90% of what i show in my stream is my own and the rest is me personally sharing another artist that i am fond of their work or asking questions of others in the community.

i didn't join G+ for popularity or even to try to sell anything, i joined for personal interaction and content and so far i have found both in abundance

so to you +Alireza Yavari i say Kudos for taking the time to research through your circles to seek out this list of people, for this is what you personally are gaining from G+ and that is exactly my point...everyone is to make their experience on Google+ what they want it to be and if that helps out others in the process all the better

steps down from soapbox
+Giselle Minoli - You've communicated what I was going to put into a rant.

Nobody can know everything that happens on G+. So, some people missed out on the voting. They should be sure to circle +Alireza Yavari so that they don't miss out in the future. He's the MAN when it comes to list making!
+Ayoub Khote yes I forgot to mention that! obviously only people in his circles knew about this no one person can circle everyone but everyone knows his name now so there's no excuse now!
thanks for including me! there is a typo though it's valuable not valubale :-)
Circled Mr. +Mark Rodriguez long ago. Why? Because of his engagement and insights like this one (above): "i didn't join G+ for popularity or even to try to sell anything, i joined for personal interaction and content and so far i have found both in abundance"
All the +Alireza Yavari's polls posts have been Public, so it has not been an inside thing. No-one can see all that's going on in Google+ but those who have, well, they have participated. No use crying over spilled milk, now.
Why don't you make your own Best Circle and share it with us? See how easy it is... :-)
Warm thanks to +Alireza Yavari for his willingness to help folks connect on here. The recommendation algorithms are quite good, but I really appreciate the human element. Thank you so much!
Many of us naturally recoil from the concept of self-promotion. It feels like something which is at odds with genuine interaction. And maybe it is. I don't really know the answer because I'm not a sociologist, but I know that the sentiments behind this list are not about keeping the "rich richer" or about promoting popularity for its own sake. I know that because of the sincere interactions I've had with +Alireza Yavari in the past. He just doesn't work that way.

I am neither surprised nor riled up by the negative responses to this post. Remember how some of us disliked the Suggested Users List from Google? Even +Robert Scoble understood what was troublesome about it. Were some of the folks on this list voted on by others because of a mutual desire for self-promotion? Maybe. Probably some. But does that mean the entire operation is too despicable to benefit from as a reader who wants to expand their Circles? Probably not.

The best thing about critical analysis is that it demands we hold ourselves to higher and higher standards, and that is a good thing. The worst thing about critical analysis it that it can -- especially online -- degenerate into logical fallacies and hurt feelings, and that is not a good thing. But, like this list, we should take the bad with the good and focus on what makes us better. Some folks on this list will enrich your experience and some won't. That's okay. Shutting each other down and becoming righteous is probably not productive, but those of us who like to be positive even in the face of high-stress conflict might benefit from the questions about how legitimate this list is. It's good stuff to think about.

That hugs are totally on my to-do list for the day, so let's get on that ASAP.
Holy Cow....think I will send ((((((hugs and peace)))))) all around today after reading through this post! Those who choose to share and follow will, those who choose not to wont, but for me....I am grateful beyond words to have connected with you all. This type of list I respect, I value, I am grateful to be part of, not because I give a rats ass about money, fortune, or fame. I simply VALUE connecting with folks here who share original content, artistic vision, humor, and life with me. Can't ask for much more than that in a network, so thanks +Alireza Yavari for your effort. You help make G+ a place I love.
Lol , same old same old stuff these people are sharing -_- I think I should be on top of tr list because I share various kind of content such as my life , fashion , trending brand & gaming 
Yikes! This in't a stream, it's a river. +Alireza Yavari's a cool guy. There's variety in his circle. The fact is, there is a boatload of good stuff on G+ in general. Coming across this post and reading through the x number of comments, I would have to say people got a little over-defensive over a tiny bit of criticism. It isn't even what I would consider harsh criticism. Nothing block-worthy. This is a love- fest. Everybody wants to be loved, is that so wrong :?) There is some legitimacy to the complaints. It's not the Ultimate. I know this is the first I've seen of it. People trying to find their place on this site can be alienated by titles like "The Most Awesome-ist". Awareness of peoples sensitive nature, especially creative people, is just being considerate. But (I know, I know... I started with but:) on the other hand, it's only meant to be fun among friends. I've interacted with many of these folk. Most are very nice and engaging. No need to rag on 'em. If you want to be critical, don't do it in public. If you want to be helpful, don't try to show people up and embarrass them. You don't know their heart. It just discourages others' creativity. Build each other up, that's my motto. So, I guess this is a good place to say Cheers everybody! Have a Great New Year!
As +C. Michael Croston said: "Let's build each other up in 2012." We are the Google+ community.

Thanks and all the best to everyone in 2012.
Special thanks to +Alireza Yavari for this awesome work.
Plus this comment every time someone brings up the spelling error.
+Andrea Kuszewski I noticed the mistake too late. I am very incompetence in spelling when there is no auto-correct in place. ;)
+Alireza Yavari I wrote that comment as a joke, because the spelling error was brought up so many times, it is getting ridiculous. I mean, we get the idea, already! :) I think what you're doing is terrific. Keep up the good work, and thank you for all your time and effort!
Thanks +Andrea Kuszewski. I've also got few "valubale" private message ;) Honestly, I believe it's one's responsibility to pay more attention to the details when sharing something with a larger audience.
I have yet to add many of these people. Yet, my life still goes on...
What should we say about out of billions of people around the world only few people share knowledge and interesting stuff for others according to G+ isnt it strange only few humans among so many in this specie
don't have them,don't need them
Good grief! This is what happens when people become ANALysts.
+stephanie wanamaker Thanks Stephanie. I have no doubt that I will make the list some day soon :) And will do my best to help others who would like to be added as well.

I think you and I should start our own list. Are you in? It can be the super friendly super helpful people on Google Plus List
Its difficult to become an elitest club with over 70 million users currently +Majid Faiman
+Carter Gibson Just my goal to get Google+ to be renamed Colby+....don't mind me...(waves hand)...nothing to see here....
I'm a Dorkletist and that is why I'm happy to be included on this list.
& dude if you think we're elitist you should see how awkward I can be at parties.
+Samantha Villenave I'm with you! I'm simply a creative from Alabama who happened to embrace this network and connect with people, and occasionally will use the word 'Ya'll and Honey" in the same sentence. ;)
We all start somewhere +Majid Faiman. It is a common issue to compare ones skills or content with others as if this is a competition or a popularity contest. Enjoy the journey and don't focus so much on the end result.
That's what I like about this list (and not because it includes me.) Yeah, I'm flattered. And grateful. But when I see people like +M Monica +Carter Gibson +Ryan Crowe +Ardith Goodwin and many others with people who are such power users like +Trey Ratcliff +Colby Brown +Thomas Hawk and a zillion others I am honestly humbled, to be in such company, and to see a list that mixes it up. No, these are not all the "usual players", but I do agree that a lot of the usual ones got to where they are by being interesting, so why would I knock them?

Seriously, moi? I'm just some weirdie broke artist in France who missed speaking English and used G+ to connect with people. What do I have in common with these guys? I don't know. I find all of you interesting. I'm still scratching my head to figure out what freak of nature put me in here. But they did, and thanks, again. (BTW +Alireza Yavari I'm not calling you a freak of nature.)

Oh filter where art thou?! /:
I'm with you +Samantha Villenave and +Ardith Goodwin. It's all very much Alice in Wonderland for me. I suppose if I wanted to I could actually identify the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat and the entire crew. It's just endlessly interesting to be here and one never knows whether one will meet a hedgehog or a flamingo or The Red Queen...or whomever! And I'm sure one day I'll be booted off the listed in favor of someone else and that's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it?
+James Fierce You rock in my book no matter what this list says. You are Fierce! and don't you forget it!
for being a list of usual suspects i managed to circle several people i had never seen before and through this thread i have circled even more who have commented just by hearing them voice their opinions (both for and against the topic at hand)...which is how i like to circle people in the first place
+Ayoub Khote Same here - but I'm glad of the effort here as it's introduced me to more new people that look to be fun to engage with, which is what it's all about here.
+Ryan Crowe You guys are too much. You do know how to make a girl smile all of a sunny afternoon late in December of 2011! And she thanks you...
I agree with all of the positive comments and respectfully disagree with all of the negative comments.
for this thread to have started off so viscous, it has turned out to be a great big 'ol love fest at the end...happy new year to everyone (and i do mean everyone)
+Mark Rodriguez - we have to be careful... love fests sometimes turn out vicious. I know from experience. Sigh.
Wow, what an angry thread.

Well, to put it in perspective - I'm on the Suggested Users List and I got nominated to be on this list, but didn't make the cut - so we're not all "up to snuff" to all the people freaking out over it, thinking that we're all sucking up to each other. We're not. We all are early users (July 28th here) and I follow almost everyone on this list already.

I'm quite sure all the people getting upset just feel like they weren't asked out to the Prom - but really is it that big of a deal? This isn't Twitter -- we've said it from day 1. Follower count doesn't mean anything here! It's engagement, talking back with your followers and commenters and eventually even making friends - I sure know I've made dozens in my months here.

I just don't see the reason for all the butthurt. Lists like this are helpful to new people to see interesting content. Isn't that the most important thing? I don't see it as a popularity contest at all.
I been in the G+Hive for near 2 months, and I was missing a few people. Thanks for this and Happy New Year!
Because it is entirely possible that I will not be awake when the ball drops - you know, what with being a party pooper and all - I wanted to be sure to wish you all a Happy New Year. Be safe wherever you are. Cheers, everyone!
me, who'd ya tink? ;) seriously these lists are a mixed bag at best. use yer horse sense and trust yer friends.
i you my bad you don.t get in dec 31,2011 i don.t see on date due be in louisville you puitt buit
56 of this list are already in my RalphArtPhotocircle, sorry I cannot add more, sorry guys, because of that silly 5000-limit.
Do you all agree, that we can add more then 5000 circleteers per circle?
very damn few in my circles any more just cuz they are too damn prolific and some of them repost the same drek over and over
I think 5000 limit per circle is good enough considering specific Circle means specific ways to be friend with people, Nice circle you got there Mr. Yavari!
I think this is a great was to display the survey results - certainly suits me 
I'm lying in bed in Ireland having read the whole thread. When G+ began I was in the grip of severe depression - completely absent from all media - so when I recovered in October I found G+ for the first time.
+Chris Brogan detailed posts on how to get started on G+ have helped me. I hope his book gets a wide readership in Ireland too.
This thread has reminded me of the exchanges on - particularly the caustic contributions: it's good to see how different opinions, values & styles enrich the experience for me. Thank you all.
Remember GoogleWave? Of course you do... I loved it ( despite its clumsy features) & was sad to see it die: my best ever work collaboration happened on it. So I've been bothered by the thought that G* might due too.
You have reassured me. Collectively you've influenced me to feel reassured that G+ will grow (& surely morph like the rest of us).
From Cork Ireland - even though Google, Facebook, Twitter have people here - you all look to me to be light years more experienced in this revolutionary G+ world - in this postmodern communicative culture.
Funny how a few months can seem a century today.
Finally, bless you all - plus the developers on whose shoulders we all stand. 
+Paul O'Mahony well put my friend. And also, I love your city, it was without a doubt one of the highlights of our trip to Ireland when we visited some years ago
Thanks -- very kind of you to include me..
Nothing like waking 300 people up with an old post. :)
It's my faaaaaves!!! Hi guys!!!! Whaaaatup!?
Interesting to see how many people are now or have been on the SUL from this thread.. who might not have been so pleasant about inclusion or not on this list or that one back then... How times change... :) #necropost  
I think we're all overdue for a reunion, non? I'm planning a big "Hangoutiversary" on July 16th... Would any of you come hang with me and be my guests of honor?? We can reminisce and tell stories and catch the heck up!!! I miss y'all!! xoxox
As a young lady of 70 :-))))))) and a G+ lover I hope I will fit in your list.
Read my profile and you find out what kind of user I am. ♥♥
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