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From Rapunzel to The Little Red Riding Hood, Beloved Children’s Classics as Minimalist Posters by +Christian Jackson

Visual hyper-distillation of iconic storytelling.
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I think Alice in Wonderland should be a tea cup.
What is that upside down yellow heart with hair stubble on it suppose to be?
They look great to me, I love them but do kids understand the icons?
Huh. Lion testicles outside the context of a zoo, yet somehow still safe for work. Not sure what to think about that.
well maybe people should be nice these days i mean for real today i was walking and this girl that i dont even know walks up to me and says your a slut and i am like WHAT because i dont even know her so if you read this and you like to pick on people please stop and think about other peoples feeling instead of your own!!! if you agree say i agree
what happen to you then and why do u agree the reason why i agree is because some people can be jerks and not even relize it
Ha, jut reread comments... it took a second for me to get the lion balls but OMG at least I got it eventually!
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Simply amazing.

Can we get some more?
Pinocchio - "Not happy to see you."
someone , wish me to leave now
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hii... i liked wizard of oz
a nice movie
Spectacular! Liked them all, Loved the wizard of Oz-one. The Juxtaposition of the childish and the vulgar coupled with the visual rhyme from left to right... genius!
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