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Paradise Parking: Automobiles Reclaimed by Nature by Peter Lippmann
A new series of work (and soon to be book by the same title) by American-born, Paris-based photographer Peter Lippmann. The photos capture abandoned cars in a state of complete decay as each is gradually consumed by nature. The works will soon be on display in Brussels courtesy Gallery Sophie Maree.

The artist's website:
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Who would do that to such a beautiful Citroen?
So this is what a "green" car looks like
Great photos, It does hurt to see a few of them in that state, I must say.
How foresightful, to paint the car to match the foliage.
In the town I grew up, there were tons of 1950's cars just sitting in the middle of the woods and next to a small creek. I always wondered how they got there.
Jay Leno would have a fit if he saw these pics lol. Especially the Citroen.
Those are great photos, but I have to wonder why people would leave these great cars out to be consumed by nature.
And I wonder if you asked Peter Lippman if it would be ok for you to post them here.
I believe the term is "secondary succession"
Late 60's Jaguar; Hmmm, looks like a project waiting for customization, someone found a hidden treasure.
I wonder the stories behind these cars. The pictures capture vivid detail. Great work.
at least it maches the color of the tree...!! lol :p
hey, sell it ,,,
u will get the best price,, auction ,, is best thing,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Citroen would be worth a mint
Amazing photo editing.

Everyone: these are certainly real cars, but I'm guessing that the 'nature' was extensively retouched. Still amazing work.
i think that nature is having its comeback on cars. u know w/ all the pollution + stuff.
C Oh
+Craig Froehle That is exactly what I thought. Such a beautiful car. I loved those old Citroëns. My father had one of those really old 40s ones, like in the second photo, when I was a kid, school mates mocked me for us having such an old car.
+Benjy Childers I believe that is a 60s Citroën, not a Jag. I love those 60s ones too.
Those must be in France, there's Citroën, a Peugeot and an old Renault Dauphine (my father had two of those when I was young; you could watch them rust when it rained, which it does much of the time here in Scotland. I'm surprised that one hasn't just rusted away completely).
1. Citroen DS
2. Citroen Traction 11cv staff car
3. Peugeot 404
4. Unknown
5. Renault Dauphine
6. Unknown
7. Unknown.
9. Renault 4CV...btw..nice photoalbum
8. Volkswagon or Renault 750.
11. Peugeot 201
Those pictures make me want to find and restore all those cars. It would be fun
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