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jn x
jn x
Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!
this post isn't very clear. what kind of circle is this? a title would be more helpful than clicking another link to see the name of the circle. Otherwise looks interesting, thanks Alireza
I can't believe I didn't make the list!!!
I like how you did that with the linking, etc.
Thank you for the inclusion +Alireza Yavari. You're doing a fantastic job with putting together these lists :)
Hey +Ahmed Zeeshan, you are so welcome, actually you are included cause users had voted for you :) keep up the good work
I am interested in understanding this circle. I'm new here, as probably most of you are. Cheers! :-)
Im new here am would like someone to teach me bout the circles
Gracias por tu comunicado,lo agradezco y te digo, que representa.para mi una necesidad expresar las emociones que de generan al ver una obra de arte, sobre todo de gentes que se esfuerzan por comunicarnos algo, atraves de ese arte...
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