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RIP Neil Armstrong
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R.I.P. God needs him for his next mission!
I would feel sorry for Steve jobs, he died young. But Neil lived a full life, so there is no need to feel sad , you should be happy for him.
how can a flag waive in the atmosphere of moon??
Its really weird!!
RIP.... but that's not a picture of Armstrong. His mission was Apollo 11, but NASA didn't land a lunar rover like the one in the right of the photo until Apollo 15 :-)
+Soumya Maitra The flag isn't waving. They hung on sticks & wires, so it would stand out straight. I was alive to see them put it up.
Rather it has a curve in between which is much similar of waiving around..
+Soumya Maitra It was meant to be completely horizontal but the metal rod that was used didn`t extend properly which made the flag  fold a little bit, thus the waiving appearance. You can try to make one at home, and with a little bit of miscalculation you can end up with the same result,
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