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The History of Olympic Logos
From Paris 1924 to London 2012

Which one do you think is the most beautiful? 
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My favourites: Barcelona (but I am biased, as I am Spanish), Nagano, Sydney, and Vancouver for its simplicity. I love colour :o)
The other ones, especially the early logos, are a little bit austere. The worst one, in my opinion, is the current London one.
From a pure visual standpoint, I like the one just before '88. But I can't find my glasses, and can't quite read it? Help? 
The worst one is London 2012.
London 2012 and Munich 1972 are by far the worst.
I think Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008 were good representation but not sure what's going on with the London 2012 yet
London 1948 looks quite professional, I definitely like that one. This one looks like a kindergartener cut some random crap out of construction paper and threw it on a posterboard using edible paste. This is pretty much the 9/11 of olympic logos.
It’s tough to separate the games from their logos. The Munich games are first ones I actively remember. I was five years old back then and even before the tragical events ensued, I thought that the logo, which was hard to escape here in Germany, was great for target practice. It looked somewhat cold, hard and unfriendly to me and didn’t reflect the friendly and sunny atmosphere of that summer at all.

From a purely visual standpoint the Innsbruck logos look the best,  most rounded and thought through to me.
Most of the other Designers seem to struggle to include the rings and have them not look tacked on. Of course, the rings themselves are as perfect a logo as can be designed.
Interestingly enough, the Lake Placid games logo does not feature the rings at all.

Since a logo is all about easy and quick recognition even from afar and should work just as well in b/w as in color, many of the oldest ones are great illustrations but bad logos in that regard — and some of the newer ones, too, notably the Atlanta one.

I also like the Moscow logo; it’s clean and elegant and the weight between the rings and the host’s national/city symbol is well balanced, other than with the Tokyo logo, for instance. The Japanese sun weighs down too heavily onto the poor, delicate Olympic rings. At the Sapporo games they did better.
sydney..isee the passion and the spirit. the london 2012 looks like a japanese than british
Im not sure about the symbol on each of them, but the one from Albertville represent the savoy's flag, and the two stripes represent skis (they were winter games and ski is quite a religion there) and the french flag as well.. love the one from sydney too :)
Be careful : logos are copyrighted and the IOC is watching... :P
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