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Are You Ready to Show Some Skin?
Spring is here,
and what comes after spring? Summer! The weather is already starting to heat up
and the trends are coming packed with bermudas, skirts, dresses and short
gorgeous outfits that we all just can’t wait to wear. We all want to be at the
top of o...
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Make Waves This Spring!
Hello girls! This post is just for you. Today I want to share with you two of the fabulous Kérastase hair tutorials you could use this spring to spread fabulousness everywhere you go! THE NATURAL BEACH WAVES This beachy towel effect will get you the most be...
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15 Makeup Tricks That Can Change Your Life
          We usually hear a
lot of tips and tricks on how to make our makeup last longer, or how to apply
out liner faster. Sometimes us girls need a fast and easy fix when we don’t
have a los of experience when it comes to applying makeup.      For those o...
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Spring clean your make-up!
Spring is
here! Flowers are blooming and we start thinking about renewing everything, our
houses, wardrobe and our make-up collection! Renewing
your make-up periodically isn't just about finding that killer lipstick or the
perfect eye shadow combo, it’s als...
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What to Do for Spring Break in Houston!
Spring Break already started for some and it’s about to
begin for others. Maybe you got to travel for the break, and if you did I hope
you have a wonderful trip; but if you stayed in the city there are a lot of
activities you can do with your family and hav...
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These are the Spring 2015 Trends!
With spring coming just around the corner, it’s time to hit
the refresh button. From wardrobe to hair color, hair color to haircut, haircut
to makeup, makeup to nails.  There’s
nothing quite like this brand-new start we’re granted year after year. This is t...
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Hair Ready for Spring?
2015 style is all about great strong sexy women and the spring hair looks are
keeping with this trend. Spring hairstyles will be bringing us, very simple
looks with a lot of sex appeal. The Centre Part The Low Pony The Wet Look The Crimps Thick L...
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Romance SOS?
Remember when you and your partner couldn’t keep your hands
off each other? The consuming passion, the endless conversations, and the one
touch that made you glow the entire day. It doesn’t have to end. Today we’ll
share with you a few tips for keeping the ...
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If you’re Bored, Find Yourself a Lover
Sometimes our lives seem to
be in a rut. Having the same job for a few years, same relationship, same
friends and same activities. Boredom can start to take over our lives and make
us feel like something is missing. Well, no need to be bored anymore. Today
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