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OnePlus One Invite! 
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Hi alim :d i wait your program
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Alim Haque

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Mood lighting! I think the setup might well be complete!

It's not exactly the cleanest setup with all the wires at the back and it's a fairly small desk, but it's super convenient as I can just plug in the laptop and take it away very quickly and none of the wires are in the way of anything I'm doing.
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Very nice
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Alim Haque

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+leonardo totaro fuck the invites. There are a couple stores,legit,that sell the phone with cm11 pre-installed. You won't get the cm case on back,but who gives a shit if its the same specs and whatnot?

I think opo kind of fucked up with the whole "invites only" hype...but,we'll see 
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Alim Haque

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Keep your eyes peeled.

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I wonder how he is going to do the next 4 giveaways
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I'm speechless. Pk is a awesome developer who has this vision of making his work benefit the greater good and I've never known for him to ask for anything in return, he's amongst the most awesome people I've had the pleasure of being introduced to on Google+.

If you use icon packs or any of his apps, it's probable he's been involved somewhere in the process and this is important to him, so if you can show your appreciation by reading/sharing/+1ing the original post.
I will probably lose some followers for this post...

Kayla, I miss you. I'm writing this post to apologize for everything I've ever done to you. I wouldn't mind if you never forgive me, I just want you to know that I truly am sorry for all of it...

All those years I made you suffer when we were growing up, all those mistakes I've made, all those times I made you cry, all those times I was unfaithful to you... I was the worst person to you, yet you still stuck around with me after all that when no one else would do the same. I'm really sorry...

Back then, I didn't know why you endured all of that and - I must admit - I took advantage of your trust. You didn't deserve all that pain. I'm sorry...

Another confession I have is that I... didn't even know what love was like. We were small back then. You were slightly older but a lot more mature than me so you understood what it was. You taught me what love was and I took it for granted. I'm sorry...

You were my first real girlfriend, and still my longest relationship up to this day. I know you don't like to hear that, you like to think of us as strangers who never met now... and, for you to have come to that decision, I'm sorry...

You did so much to make me happy. You really put a lot of effort into making the happiest guy possible but all I did was ask for more. I'm sorry...

If it makes matters any better, I can honestly say that I've felt nearly as much emotional pain these past few years as I made you feel before. I guess I deserve it and more.

Even up to this day, you're still the most important person to me regardless of the fact we haven't talked in 3 years. I-I, umm... I need you. I need you more than ever. Just being able to talk to you again would make me happy again. I want to be able to have conversations with you again, even if they're pointless. I want to make sure you're happy with your life. As long as I know you're happy, I'm happy...

No, I'm not saying that I want you back or that I still have feelings for you... but I don't deny it either. I don't mean to recall all these bad moments and make you feel bad, we've had some good moments too, I just want you to know how sorry I am. Something I wasn't willing to admit before.

I'm sorry for abusing your trust...
I'm sorry for being an asshole to you...
I'm sorry for all those times I've ignored you...
I'm sorry for all those times I tried to avoid you...
I'm sorry for being the same way after we stopped talking...
I'm sorry for not being the boyfriend I should have been...
I'm sorry for lusting on others while we were together...
I'm sorry for trying to cheat on you multiple times...
I'm sorry for having asked way too much of you...
I'm sorry for having wanted to impossible...
I'm sorry for making you ashamed of me...
I'm sorry for taking you for granted...

I'm sorry for everything... +~Kayla~

~ Oscar / Pkmmte
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Alim Haque

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Postman delivered this today! 
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I would have preferred the phone to be honest ;)
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Alim Haque

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Get it NOW:
Please leave a rating and review!

Here is the moment you've all been waiting for... the official public release of Refocus.
The highest quality icon pack you'll ever purchase.

○ <b>1,000+</b> icons rendered at HD Resolution 192x192px
○ <b>55</b> beautiful, matching HD wallpapers which are Cloud based. Can also save to your device!
○ Icon Masking will theme all your unthemed icons
○ Full MUZEI Live Wallpaper Support
○ Categorised Icon Picker in Nova Launcher
○ Unique and Sleek Dashboard App to view Wallpapers, Icons and to contact me
○ Icon Preview Function within Dashboard to view all included icons
○ Automatic Icon Request Tool
○ Dynamic Calendar Support 
○ Link to Instinct - Zooper Widgets inside Dashboard

<b>Launchers Supported:</b>
○ Apex
○ Nova
○ Holo
○ ADW / EX
○ Action (Pro)
○ GO Launcher EX (Switch off 'icon mask' in the Preferences)
○ Smart
○ Aviate
○ Next 
○ Nine 
○ Atom
○ Inspire 
○ KK
○ Lucid / Lucid Pro
○ Solo
○ TSF Shell
○ Most other Launchers, including TouchWiz and Sense, will work with the 'Unicon' or 'Beautiful Icon Styler' app


Special thanks to +Addie Baker +Hiten Soni +Ryan Kelly +Tim Austin +Dustin Garwood  for helping me with the dashboard.

If you've been following me since the BETA, here's the official changelog:

// All New and Improved Dashboard - Definitely check out the Homepage!
// All New Icon and Logo
// Added 55 Brand New HD Wallpapers
// Added Official Launcher Support for KK, Lucid, Solo and TSF Shell Launchers
// 'Icon Preview' section is more advanced 
// Icon Search function is available
// Added official MUZEI Support
// You can tap an icon in the 'Icon Preview' section to see what app it belongs to
// Added many more icons
// Cleaned up the Appfilter
// Fixed and added many more activities
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This is your first post since the 20th July :O
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Alim Haque

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Urban Dictionary app coming soon to the Google Play Store. Follow +Lewis Deane if you're interested.
Welcome to my first attempt at material design. It's not quite finished yet but I really thing the UI is refreshing. Would love to hear what people think of it, I've got to add a few more features but it's getting towards a free version release. I really think this app is so much nicer than the old outdated UI the official Urban Dictionary app uses. Thanks to +Alim Haque with the UI concepts! 
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+Lewis Deane Design seems to be about iteration, iteration, iteration! Best of luck to find out what exactly is that's annoying you :)

And congrats on taking on the improvement of an app - it's a mammoth task that might look easy for some ignorant saps but it's really, really hard. I have tremendous respect for people like you and +Alim Haque . 
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Alim Haque

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Prom day today!!

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+Alim Haque Cake and cycling. 
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Alim Haque

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Haha 😂 👌
My brother is ready! The one on the right. 
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Alim Haque

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Not the gumdrop buttons pixels!!
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Alim Haque

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What a week! Absolutely shattered though! My sister took this picture of me when I drifted off whilst watching the Mexico vs. Cameroon game not too long ago... It all happened so fast; I don't make sleeping on my laptop a habit.
Eighteen exams done, three exams to go! The end is definitely within sight!

Also, I am wanting to do a random giveaway near the end of June to thank all you guys for bearing with me. Stay tuned for that. 
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It's a good school. Overall quality of teaching is good and you're going to have a good time in the school, regardless of who you are. No faults as far as this student is concerned.
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