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Design Positive Change


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Are You Asking for Permission?

A short post on the number1 stumbling block for people wanting to live the life they've always wanted.

#Entrepreneur #Design #Business #SelfHelp

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ALWD 041: The Prince & The Magician

In this short 7 minute episode, lifestyle designer Jonathan Pritchard shares a parable about The Prince & The Magician. We'd love to know what you think of the story, and what meaning you take away from it.


#entrepreneur #business #selfhelp

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10,000+ THANK YOUS to everyone in 76 countries who listen to the podcast!

We just passed the 10,000 downloads milestone & we're looking forward to many more reasons to celebrate! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; it's very humbling and exciting!

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Episode 040: National TV Appearance (Vegas Baby!)
The founder of ALWD filmed a national TV appearance this week in Vegas. Here's the story.

Last week was all about a massive failure (getting booed by 2,000 people) and this week is the unofficial followup where we share the story of nailing a performance in front of 2Million viewers.

#entrepreneur #TV #personality


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Episode 039: The Glorious Gift of Massive Failure
The story of a beautiful train wreck

A magician messing up a trick. A speaker getting booed. This story has both.

In this week's episode, host +Jonathan Pritchard takes you behind the scenes to the time he got booed by 2,000 people in a live performance.

If you've been afraid of failing, give this a listen, laugh, then go DO IT!

#entrepreneur #design #speaking #coaching

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ALWD 038: True Meaning of Freedom
How to think about freedom

There are 2 types of freedom, and 4 stages of development as it relates to being a truly free individual. Unfortunately, most people get stuck on the "I can do whatever I want" level without learning how to be who they want to be.

Runtime: 13 minutes


#business #entrepreneur #lifestyle #design

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Looking for a way to shake things up? Start here!
Cardio Trim Bodyweight Edition is a transformative, bodyweight cardio based program. It's designed to streamline your body, shed extra body fat and add muscle definition. In addition to cardio routines the program includes extra ab and upper body work as well as tendon strength and lower back oriented inserts. The Cardio Trim series were developed for visual results but it will also help anyone looking to improve their speed and endurance and overall fitness performance.

The program can be scaled down to match your fitness level better or it can be scaled up by completing additional tasks - each day offers 3 achievements you can unlock.

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ALWD 037: Secrets of Negotiation

What's the one secret that Fortune 500 exec told me about negotiating a higher salary? Listen to the episode to find out!

Runtime: 29 minutes


#Entrepreneur #Business #Relationships

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Finances Should Be Simple
How someone stole my money, and I could laugh about it.

Simple is an amazing banking solution that fits easily with our on-the-go lifestyle where everything we do involves an app of some sort.

This is the story of how +Jonathan Pritchard had his identity stolen, and it was a Simple fix.

#Finance #Banking #Hero
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