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I just became an NHL fan 😉
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I haven't watched that game yet (Caps are my team) -- looks like it was/will be a good one!

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Create a Petition. Call on the White House to take action on the issue that matters to you. Gather Signatures. Share your petition with others, build a community for the change you want to make. 100000 Signatures in 30 Days. Get an official update from the White House within 60 days. More on how it ...
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;) all signed.

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Grrrrl Power

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His first action as POTUS will be to have her deported.

Via +Gorgor Gor​

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+Pamela Zuppo Great idea, Pamela! ☺️

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I dub her Moron DeVos
Hahaha, and she wants to be Secretary of Education
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SMH... she doesn't even English.

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Super sexy Troye Sivan
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I have bought more of his tracks than I have I by any other single artist

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He needs a Tweet Diaper, and it will require regular changing. 
G B originally shared:
*WARNING: Filled with Scottish slang and pejorative descriptions for "Our Great Leader", "El Caudillo del Mar a Lago", the #Tiny-Fingered-Cheeto-Faced-Ferret-Wearing-Shitgibbon, Donald J. tRump. You'll probably laugh your ass off.

#tRump (R-Ferret-Wearing-Shitgibbon) shows his true self with his whining tweets (Twi-ning?): He's 70 year old, thin skinned, blood orange!

What a fucking #CockWomble. If you can't take public criticism, then GTFO the public eye, you sorry sack of limp Cheetos! Jeebus, even an amoeba has thicker skin than you do, #Fuckstick.

You know, I bet Ole Donny-boy was a mommy's boy. Probably ran his orange-ass home anytime one the lesser beings at boarding school threatened to kick the ferret off his head. Little #CockJugglingThunderC#@&t (sorry, I don't use the last word there, but his people used it to describe Hillary, all the time).
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God I missed GB.

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Nicely done, Turks!

Via +Eve Viscerator​
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Awesome 😊

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Years ago, when the local cable company's Internet service first started up, I was doing some stuff with Filemaker, and just to see, I hit the 'Hosts' button when opening a db. Voila, a bunch of shared databases on some other computer, in some other house, somewhere in the neighborhood. I added a record to one of the files, with a message 'You should at least password-protect your data. You're welcome.'
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