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Happy Cinco de Mayo, noodles!

Wait for it... aaaand now you get it and you're laughing. I knew you would. :)

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you earned a groan. that's a sign of a bad pun. I can't get enough of them.
i know nasty ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
That took wayyyyy longer than it should. Great post and thanks for the laugh!
never quite understood why people in the US think may the 5th is such a big deal... Mexico won a war against France on that date. It is a minor celebration here. What do you people think it is?
I'm not going to lie. I am very upset with myself for finding this hilarious.
When I lived in Phoenix I attended many a party hosted by my friend, Maria Contreras. This event is sacred to the Mexican people and we should do better than belittle its importance to them. 
Us people in the US think it's a big deal because we have lots of Mexicans and Spanish people who celebrate it including me. It's a good excuse for a party! Why is any other holiday special to it's people? I live in an apartment complex with lots of Mexican families and they have a huge celebration by the pool every year. Hell, they deserve it, in my state they pick our crops, do manual labor most of the time and are very important whether they are citizens or not. Love your fellow man, Peace.
i get it now... it took me literally 4 hrs just to figure this out... i feel stupid now...
Well. ... It's SO healthy. I wonder if I should make a free commercial, a testimonial, for one of my favorite restaurants. Na. I'll get rowdy. "I went into that restaurant and ate. 50 shots in the guts and I'm still alive. .. But that was only a couple of minutes ago!"
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