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Let's make #49 happen. Except you noodles all have to walk around on your knees so everyone can be fun-sized like me.

Also, #18? Best Halloween costume ever.

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Dude, I saw this last week, and #18 was my favorite. Excellent call.
I'm just thinking of all the possibilities for other similar costumes. Benny and the Jets? Sonny and Cher? SO MUCH POTENTIAL.
+Alida Brandenburg Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have not laughed that hard in ages! Number 47 just gets me laughing so hard I can not breath!
#44 always bothered me because they singled out the wrong kid. I want to ask the kid sitting next to him if he ever found a sport extreme enough to thrill him.
44 had me in stitches. 27 made my head hurt. >.<
+Dan Hanisko, one can only hope that they are brothers, quite the pair.
Oh my god, +Dan Hanisko! Hahahahaha! You are so right! I can't believe I didn't notice! You win this round. Well done. :D
Really good for an evening laugh... trying not to wake up the family.
Ah dude, that Mario Kart shortcut brought back the memories of the college MK tournament days. Undefeated for 3 years baby!
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