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[Want to see how to handle online trolls? Bodyform just gave an outstanding, side-splitting lesson.]

Remember how yesterday we had an interesting discussion about brands on Google+ and how to properly engage your customers/users via social media? (See here if you missed it: Well, Bodyform just hit it out of the park in a brilliant and absolutely hysterical move, striking at the heart of the topic most every man is uncomfortable with: menstrual periods.

Follow the link to read the backstory about a man ranting about women's periods (with over 80,000 likes on his post!), and then watch the genius video the company made in response. A+. I hope they win some awards for this.
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That's one for the social media textbooks!
They realllly need to win an award for this. I can't imagine how they could have done it better. Epic indeed!

...I'd be very disappointed if this wasn't covered at the conference +Daria Musk is singing her heart out at today.
That - was - wonderful. Glad they gave credit for the funny "rant" Richard offered, a wonderful setup for their video.
Holy shit was that brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Should be the textbook example of how a business deals with that issue. If I ever have a sex change operation with working menstruation...I will only buy Bodyform products.  :)
The best part was the end, after she was done repeating Richard Neill's rant throughout the video capping it off with drinking the blue fluid they use to pour onto a pad then the ... fart! Hilarious!
Wow more companies shoupd be like this.
I just wish every man could experience the worst period a woman has just once and see how they deal with it! They only have one hormone to jostle about (maybe a trace of progesterone)where women deal with three. And THEIR asses!
maybe I'm a square because I didn't think he was that funny... and I thought the commercial was very lame! Not even funny
Mark C
That was an absolutely brilliant response. WTG!
This is an incredibly clever bit of advertising, but you all have to see that Richard's post was a plant right?  It was made to set up this video response.  The original post was humorous, but not really worthy of any sort of response, and then to turn around a highly clever video response in just over a week . . . c'mon.  Not to mention it somehow got 80k likes on a page that only has 5k subscribers?

Again, very clever, but not quite as clever as they're getting credit for.
BOOM! Well played! Well played indeed!
they should have excepted the free advertising that Richard gave them and not had the CEO get on video and shit herself for all to see. Pretty Frickin stupid is what it was. 
1:31 = lol fest.
People use the word troll way too much.  
Laughing all the way to menopause!!!
I have menstrual periods once every six months. And also a doctor destoried my womb I can not have child I can not have sex with my husband. I. Am worthless.
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