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[Nine-Year-Old's Homemade Arcade Gets Surprised by Flashmob]

Because some news is just too good to wait until #FeelGoodFriday.

Now, you noodles all know I'm a softie, so it's no surprise that I wiped away happy tears sprung forth through my laughter as I watched this, but what I was caught off-guard by was the sheer ingenuity, creativity, and diligence of this nine-year-old kid. I don't want to spoil it for you, because as each layer of the arcade unfolds you will be blown away by his attention to detail and pure genius, so just settle in and be ready to be completely astonished.

We're witnessing the birth of a tycoon here. Absolutely incredible.
It may be before 10am, but it's never too early to have your day made: An ambitious and inventive 9-year-old boy named Caine Monroy, who designed and built his very own cardboard arcade inside his dad...
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Hope somebody gives him the tools to build the actual machines. I hope his dreams come true.
Agreed, +Chris Veerabadran. I hope this exposure will land him the support he needs to really take off. You'd be a fool to not recognize the potential of this kid.
This is so cool! I smiled all the way through the Video! :-)
What determination! This is my Feel Good Story for the week. With his attitude I can see a bright future for him.
Thx for the share +Alida Brandenburg
Totally agreed, +P E Sharpe. I love that when the kid asked to buy a claw machine, the dad instead encouraged him to make it. Thank god for parents who empower their kids like that.

I remember whenever as a kid I would ask my mom how to spell a word, she'd instead flip it back on me and ask me exploratory questions to help me figure it out myself. "What does it sound like? What do you know about that sound?" I always rolled my eyes and hated her for it at the time, but I now appreciate that she was giving me the tools to think independently and problem-solve. We definitely need more role-models like this!
Caine is a true wizard of the true art of imagination and having fun at the same time!
Crawling inside the box to dispense tickets! The claw! And sitting in the car telling his dad that they can't close early just because of no customers! Can I bawl now like a baby?
I knoooow, +Shannon Jennings! Those parts totally got me, too! Such an unbelievable kid. I love that he seemingly sees no limits for himself. He just goes for it. So inspiring.
So inspiring +Alida Brandenburg! How do they do that? How do they pull my heart-strings so!? It makes me want to pull out some cardboard boxes for my kids! Okay, maybe not cardboard boxes, but I want to give them everything they need to pursue their creative curiosities. Today.

It's inspiring for me as well, in an introspective way. Am I following my passion? Am I pursuing it with a cheerful child-like abandon? Or do I go after what will produce more likely results and less joy?
This is so cute-- the kid is totally awesome and smart! I agree with +P E Sharpe as well that it is great how his dad encouraged him to be a dreamer. While I am sure it made his day/week/year, I hope this helps fuel his desire to keep creating!
So very much agreed, +Shannon Jennings, on all accounts. Really makes me look at the limits I put on myself and question their validity. "I can't do that. I don't have this or that that I need. It's not good enough. I don't have enough support." The excuses and self-nay-saying are endless. This kid is completely free of those and just makes it happen. He doesn't see a ceiling.
Except Walt Disney was known to have stolen a great deal of his material. ;) This kid is pure innovation!
WOW I was totally blown away by this little boys dream come true! God Bless You Caine
Wow that kid is amazing! What a fantastic short film too. :-)
Way to go Caine! I remember performing a magic show for friends and family using some huge garment and appliance cardboard boxes as a kid. Ingenious!
That was very cool, I can not even imagine how happy Caine was that day. He will have a memory to cherish for the rest of his life! That was uplifting to see!
Now this is what the internet is for :) thanks for sharing....
It's never too early for FeelGoodFriday Alida! Thank you for sharing!
They have collected more than $25,000 for his scholarship fund, they are trying to raise $100,000 now. Maybe your sharing this story has helped a lot.
I love when he calls the square-root a check-mark :))
awww that little kid is so happy now!
I have to admit that made me a teary eyed. What a wonderful thing that did for that boy. It is a day he will never forget.
That Is So Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed this. I was teary-eyed too. Caine rocks!
What a cool thing to do for such a creative boy that gives him the support and foundation he can rely on, that will probably give him a chance at an awesome future? Who knows what this boy will grow up and be that will make this world a better place because of a well planned flash mob? It just goes to show you what a child can do without a playstation and these days that says alot!
That's it, my kid just lost all television priviliges for ever.
tht is so kool i love how his dad asked if they could go home cuz they got no customers and he said no we r going back
It's sad when he says his friends at school don't believe him so he doesn't wear his shirt to school because he's afraid they will pick on him that's just not right
Jerry H
Hey, how cool is that!
This just proves that there is still good in people. All it takes is 1 to start the idea. Then all of the other good people show up.
Wow, that was incredible. Isn't it something how God gives genius to each and every one of us. I expect to see more coming from this little guy as he grows up. :0)
he could be a great architect
How wonderful. My girls built a whole town out of cardboard boxes in our apartment (goodbye living room), it is great that nuts & bolts creativity is not swallowed by computer games. Shannan Brice,Director The Perch Live Sketch Comedy
Those games look boring.
10 minutes of pure joy an inspiration!
Woow That is amazing how he did that. I would be so proud of him if i was a part of his faimly
This kid's a genius. He's got a very bright future ahead of him. True story.
So awesome. Kid has a great imagination!
must be a gifted kid who obiously loves being creative and productive. this is very inspiring
thats funny
Incredible! I love seeing homemade stuff like this, was pretty astounded by the amount of detail - the calculator as security check for the fun passes was pure genius :)
The scholarship fund is growing very fast. In the last 3 hours it's increased by $16,000!!!!
Woo hoooooooo! So happy to see this kid get rewarded for his hard work and creativity. Gives me goosebumps. :)
This is one awesome kiddo d ^_^ b
I'm such a wimp!! Lol great story
Saw this earlier, been feeling all warm and fuzzy since then 8)
Thanks, Alida. This topped off a good day.
I have a feeling that kid will have no problem paying for college. He'll probably get a full scholarship with those brains and ingenuity.
More kids need to be encouraged to follow the crazy ideas they come up with! By the time so many of us get older, we get this internal censor in our heads that tells us our ideas are stupid or will never work or stops us from even thinking as freely as we used to! It's sad, I used to write all kinds of things, draw all kinds of things, but now I have no idea what to make, or what to draw, or what to write. I've become a follower instead of a leader. People need to be encouraged to stay leaders while they have the chance!
Very, very cool. This story does a great job capturing the good heart of a boy with a vision for things. It also shows the compassion of the people who rally to support him. The boy and the story are both genuinely awesome.
Well done. Very inspiring.
@-@ omg it made me teary eyed. You sure know that made his day, every kid in the world should be able to feel like that. <3
THIS IS AWESOME!! \m/ you rock, Arcade Caine \m/
Its a shame the public school system doesn't breed this, what an inspiring reminder of how detrimental it is to let your kids create
Its always awesome to hear a story like this where someone this young starts his path in life and doesn't give up! Now if only more adults would learn from this story!! Thats an amazing little boy right there!
He used calculators as a way to verify whether a fun pass was legitimate or not? Talk about attention to details! I especially loved the fact that he deconstructed his toys to understand how they work. It reminds me of my childhood. He's definitely an engineer in the making.

I also thought I'd post this link ( to NASA's program for young girls around Caine's age. It's a great opportunity to get the younger generation interested in STEM.
Also, I'm inspired to make a trip down to Caine's Arcade this weekend! :)
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