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[Ice cream headaches: one of life's great mysteries: solved]

"The results, which are being presented at the Experimental Biology 2012 conference, show that brain freeze is accompanied by a rapid dilation of the anterior cerebral artery, which floods the brain with blood and in turn causes pain. When the vessel constricts, patients report that the pain disappears. The researchers speculate that it's a form of self-defense for the brain:

"'The brain is one of the relatively important organs in the body, and it needs to be working all the time,... It's fairly sensitive to temperature, so vasodilation might be moving warm blood inside tissue to make sure the brain stays warm.'"
Everyone's experienced that sharp, shooting headache as a result of stuffing their face with ice cream. Previously, scientists have suggested it's just a result of the rapid cooling and rewarming of b...
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I just bought an extra-large bucket of Cherry Garcia last night. Now I know how to properly stuff my face full of it. Thanks, Alida!
When you experience a brain freeze, rub your tongue on the roof of your mouth in back (the hard bump up top). This will almost instantaneously ease the pain, because the action warms the artery ever so slightly - enough to allow the dilation to stop.
You're Welcome (-;
hmmm or hot chocolate with ice cream sounds nice too lol
You know, the thought at the end that it could explain migraines and headaches and that they could use this knowledge to stop it from happening sounds sort of crazy.

You discover it's a mechanism for one of your most vital parts to defend itself and you want to stop it from happening? 
Nothing is as bad as the after-effect from chugging a Slurpee. And yet we continue to do it all the time. ;)
It's about like love,how can icecream be so good and hurt so bad? well there's your answer
Thanks Rachel for the tip! I may feel a bit odd rubbing the roof of my mouth with my tongue but sure beats the freeze. Oh yea........the hot chocolate and ice cream sounds great!
For all you science nerds out there (or purveyors of random, useless knowledge) the scientific term for an ice-cream-induced headache (or any other cold stimulus applied to the hard palate causing pain) is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

"'The brain is one of the relatively important organs in the body"
IDK, my brain gets on my nerves.
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