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I don't need to tell you how important bees are to our entire ecosystem and our own survival, nor do I need to tell you just how much trouble they're in. (Or maybe I do. See here for more details: But I do need you to sign this.

"Quietly, globally, billions of bees are dying, threatening our crops and food. But if Bayer stops selling one group of pesticides, we could save bees from extinction.

"Four European countries have begun banning these poisons, and some bee populations are already recovering. But Bayer, the largest producer of neonicotinoids, has lobbied hard to keep them on the market. Now, massive global pressure from Avaaz and others has forced them to consider the facts, and in 24 hours, Bayer shareholders will vote on a motion that could stop these toxic chemicals. Let’s all act now and shame the shareholders to stop killing bees.

"The pressure is working, and this is our best chance to save the bees. Sign the urgent petition and send this to everyone -- let's reach half a million signers and deliver it directly to shareholders tomorrow in Germany!"


ETA: We did it! #savethebee is trending (#10)! :D
Pesticides are killing bees and threatening our food supply. In 24 hours, shareholders at the biggest chemical producer, Bayer, could vote to stop their toxic production. Massive public pressure has f...
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That's not completely correct. Scientists all over the world are wondering why bees are dying in such large amounts; pesticides may be a part of it but not a reason why extinction is advancing so quickly in recent years.
(Excerpt: "Their findings imply that neonicotinoid pesticide weakens a bees' homing ability, so instead of returning to the hive, the bee gets lost and perishes. This would explain why hives impacted by Colony Collapse Disorder are found largely empty of worker bees: the pesticide theoretically impacts their ability to find their way home.")
even though pesticides maybe a small reason of bees extinction...but it still does a lot of damages to the bees eco why not take this little step and stop the pesticides...
Scientists are working on this, but greedy corporate initiatives seem to always win over what's right and what should be done. It's like some evil super-villain is destroying nature, but we have no super hero to save the day. We have to help ourselves by not letting it be worth while for companies by not letting them profit. It means lowering standards, paying more, or maybe even going without certain things... but it's the only way we can fight the battle and actually win, and preserve our nature, natural food supply, and bees.
Nope, these were new to me, thanks for the pointer +Alida Brandenburg.

Well, one should think as a first step, bee-keepers would immedeately stop using corn syrup to feed their hives once they hear about this study and not hope for pesticides to either be banned by government or stopped being produced by manufacturers, no?

Oh, well, but this somehow reminds me of the funny stories around production an consumption of thiopental on an international scale..
Not to mention that the honey bees are now suffering from a parasite. When it attacks it makes them forget everything. In fact, they forget where they nested, and how to even build or maintain a hive. As if the African Bees and toxins weren't enough? The poor things we need them! It's sad.
This is a new parasite, I learned about it on TV.
poo they dont sting us unless we mess wit them
Pesticides are the main contributor to Lymphoma.
i dont love them either, but they are g-ds creatins!!
I'm praying for the bees that they'll keep up their numbers... :(
I want poeple to stop having ugly pesticides everywhere.
wat the hell are you talking about cindy ou
I don't likel bees, and they don;t like me, so I'll just stay out of it, don't wanna get stung, see
i wanna get stung :) just kidding
Wow. This is misleading. There's no proof that pesticide kills bees. Get real. There is however proof that cell phone towers affect them in a negative way. I see there's no petition for that though...
Why do you think that Bees would be immune to pesticides +Catalin Siegling They don't kill just certain insects they kill them all. Beneficial and damaging. I'm sure there are other things that impact Bees too but pesticides are a major factor.
+catalina nevarez recently there has indeed been evidence published that pesticides are affecting bees. Most recently in the past week or two I think.
Pesticides can harm bees, but its the average person applying the pesticide where it shouldn't be that is the problem. Hope the govt takes general use pesticides off the shelves sooner then later. There is a reason you have to be certified to spray the stuff people, you have to know what you are doing.
haha a bee stung me one the foot once but it hurt so kill them all jkjkjk i like hunny
+Alida Brandenburg I'm glad that you are sharing this. Not many know the importance of bees. Thanks for sharing!
I don't like bees much, but even I know how important they are.
I was very happy they found out what is doing it. It was getting very very bad, it didn't kill them just made them forget how to get home. Drunken bees :(
+Erica Sandman Bees won't hurt you unless you hurt them. I'm around them a lot in my gardens and yard and I've only been stung once because I accidentally put my hand down on a Bee.
Just think about the move Bee Story...... Thanks +Alida Brandenburg for bringing this to our attention. Imagine a world without flowers. :(
Well,There are many ways to escape from bees.There is no resseon we need to kill bees.As much as I know,Bees gets like a drunk person if it gets smoke.Just make fire and use on them.They wont bite you at all.
Hmmmm, I thought the doomsdayers in the 90s were certain that, after we evil humans destroyed the earth, the bees would be the next super species. Seems to me I saw it on The X Factor or something.

I'm suprised to learn that bees are weaker than house flies. Why can't house flies be disappearing?
+Dana Moyer I've only twice been stung by a bee. Last time it was calls to emergency and now I carry an epipen.

But we still need bees :)
K Davis
Remember no bees=no veggies ect... The pesticides we use on crops all over the world, we spray the plants bees eat the nectar with the pesticides on the plants, humans have created a path for death for bees ect...
I know that we need bees for pollination and blah blah, but God I hate them...
They have known this for a number of years, GM products are suspect to the same problem. There are many countries banning these products. Why aren't we doing the same here in the US? Hmmmm...$$$$
Pesticides are one factor but crop monocultures are another. Like humans, bees need variety in their food: pollen and honey. In the old days, bees had thousands of flowering plants but now many of those are considered weeds and we try to get bees to pollinate whole counties of identical plants. Do the bees a favour and plant more weeds.

My wife and I are landscaping our allotment of mud. I will try to get as many flowering plants as possible and cut in half the amount of grass in our yard. At the moment my window-ledges are cluttered with Caragana, lilies, coleus, peppers and tomatoes to be set out in the garden as soon as the danger of frost is past.
I hate to interrupt your bee talk, and i'm sure it is interesting and very informative but could you help stop #cispa please.. It DOES affect you too. thank you for your time.
Quan Ta
I am too lazy to read all the relevant article, but I am just wondering: What about the farmers? Why do we bother with Bayer, as long as they can sell insecticide and make a nice profit, they will continue to do so - Think Monsanto and all the genetically modified crops. If the farmers know that specific insecticide kill the bees, and bees are critical to their livelihood, then why do they continue spraying their field with that insecticide?
Save the trees, save the bees. Save the whales, save those snails.
OMG So are T-rex's and dodo birds....If they all die the world prob wont be able to get along. Life as we know it may completely stop. What? ...those animals are extinct? Oh and lifes still going on? Hum well I guess we'll be fine then!
I eat these [B]ees´ honey with tear drops for their labor, calling it my Brain Grease, because as the Egyptians did before us, the honey came with every medication - for me, like the entrance to a bee hive, the wax that healed my memory from coffee degradation!
Now now. That's how the world works, isn't it?
+Matt Acuff: Dodo birds aren't responsible for perpetuating the life cycles of staple crops the human race uses for their food supply. Dodo birds and T-Rexes weren't exactly major pollinators. Although, I suppose if we just trained stupid people to pollenate those crops, there are obviously plenty of those. Oh wait - they can't do what bees do - they're stupid.

There's some forms of life that the world can live without. There's others that, when they disappear, other systems to which they are critical will also disappear.

For instance, if the bacteria that allow you to digest most of your food were to get killed off because of, say, all the antibiotics that get thrown around willy-nilly in our food, livestock, etc. were to wipe them out, you'd be very sorry. The bacteria in your gut are a lot hardier than the bees, but the bees are actually really important to the survival of a lot of crops.

And yes. There are other crops that don't need bee pollination. Just expect your food prices to multiply by about ten or twenty or more if we suddenly have to rely on them because we sprayed all the bees to death for no good reason.

You know what animal the ecosystem probably wouldn't miss? Humans.
the sad fact is that the majority of people ignore and ignore until it bites them in the butt then they want to unite and protest. the time to do things is now not when things are gone. Do people know the meaning of the word EXTINCT????? that means gone people no return.
Also let me add that companies like Monsanto, and ADM are the ones developing all the Frankenfoods you will eat in the future and are eating now !!!!!!!
A bee stung me once. I say kill them all!
Why do you want to hurt my feelings like that?
I had a bee infestation in a tree in my backyard.. Wiped them all out!
hi alida ...............i like so much.......................
i dont have time to read thru this whole post, but are you aware that Monsanto, the company blamed for bee colony collapse, bought out the company that researches it, Beelogics?
Okay, at least read this. It explains what's happening with the parasite on the honey bees and has a picture of this fly infecting a honey bee. With toxcins, african bees taking nests and this parasite I pray they make it. Whether you hate bees or not we need them. Everyone has brought up honey but what about bees wax and other things we get from them? Just cause a bee stings you, it makes you hate them? Grow up!
OOOOOOHH BOOOOYYYY. :( I'm not liking the Fly parasite!
As if the honey bees have enough to deal with!
if honey bees have enough ...........................??//
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