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This photo doesn't look like much... until you click on it and read the explanation.

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Love National Geographic...easily the most captivating photos on earth.
One of my friend pointed this out and I don't have answer for it yet, is that if you see a camel near left end, its still shining inspite of being under the shadow of another camel.
um, isn't that obvious without the description?
Only because of your preface, I was able to figure it out. Just as cool of an effect though to stare at it until you figure out what is so cool about it, and that moment you figure it out.

Although I detect a little hyperbole in the added text.. "best picture of the year"? Maybe. But I doubt it.
best picture of last year or maybe older than that
bish s
Best picture several years ago, not 2011.
This Photo was the best photo of the year from NatGeo!
Wow, that's an awesome picture!
yep u do need to read the caption lol cool
cool!! this is awesome! ;p
The photograph looks wonderful when we consider the claim about it. One small doubt is, on closer observation, what are the black shadows appearing below each camel?
Thats is very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing
thats something really awesome
keren, aku pikir yg hitam itu the camels ternyata yg putih untanya.
wow beautiful.................
A picture which no words can describe !
it is trully the best pic of the year...!!
wow great................... its priceless............
Hung Vu
interesting phenomenon
beautiful pic...........................................
It's a stunning visual. How our eyes see immediately what is a logical assumption that what is being seen is the animal itself, not its shadow. This is the kind of photography that opens your mind to beyond what is seen.
illusion, shadow hides truth.
I am from Turkey and there is no desert in my country and we also don't have too much camels.. except zoo :)) I think the photo taken in an arabic country..
fooled my eyes! damn,it's awesome.
took a second but preety cool picture
Simply Fabulous & Unbelievable.Thanks for sharing.
Really fabulous..... wonder where they are off too ?
Things are not always as they seem.
Excellent Pics,,,, nice work by National Geographics, and Alida who posted it here.
good photo, but fucking obvious it is shadows really didnt need explaining!!
And nader you beel end obviuosly not photoshopped
كاشكي درباره فاصله عكاس و ساعت روز و طول سايه ها و ... بيشتر توضيح داده ميشد.!
Love this photo! Tricks the eye. 
super ............!! very nice
Talk about perspective... this is amazing.
Its like a herd of ninja camels.... all you can see are their shadows
Gyl Sky
Really impressive!!
old one ! but nice i knew it earlier
It looks like a Yann Arthus-Bertrand picture. Google him and you'll see plenty of amazing images like this.
OK, I am still glued to the screen trying to figure it out.
Awsome nature is awsome.
This is really cool, best seen full screen.
this is called.................awsm photo shoot........................................
Its like perspective on the interpretation of success
its really..................excellent.
unbelievably beautiful!!!
we leave in the world of dreams
Wow.... That's amazing.
But now I want to know how far away the camras are!
Reminds me of Photogeology classes and interpreting aerial photos with a stereoscope.
I thought today was Groundhog Day, not Camel Day?!...Only Punxsutawney Phil can see his shadow
there are some really weird things going on with this picture, you can see shadows overlapping the so called camels, artifacts all over the place. And I can't really see the camels....The white lines look like plesiosauros to me...Am I the only one???

much better resolution...
Lo alcancé a notar antes de leer el texto... =)
impresionante fotografia tomada desde la altura y por la forma en k se ven esos camellos,me atravo a decir k podria ser nominada a fotografia del anio.
wow, each camel is riding on a crocodile. ;)
interesting ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Oh My God !!!! What a picture !!!!!!!
بسیار زیباست!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol...took me awhile to see it but i finally got it. amazing pic.
Rad pretty much sums it up!
Rockin!! How can I save this image to my computer?? Right-click save as only saves the html page??
This is so weird, someone was just showing me this photo off National Geography yesterday in a cafe and now i am seeing it here.
A phenomenon almost if not more common then water combined with a relatively and regionally exotic animal observed from an extremely common position illicits "omg's" and deeply felt responses. Anyone wonder how religion works? :)
This is unbelievable .even after reading the explanation cant believe.amazing
Yeah, I tho't the black was the camels too. Intense sunlight, no.
Very Creative and great use of Natural Light
Camels...the best milk....the most nutrient/vitamins,ever
The me....look like Turtles,going to Sea! WOW Poetry....Are you a poet and don't know it....
ice, but so overrated... this is trippy (no Photoshop, just some play of light):
that's really AMAZING!
Truly amazing. Technology allows nature to be viewed with such beauty.
Stu M
Have to show the kids at school, what a great photo. Definitely an Ahhh...moment!
Zoom in to see the camels with Google earth and the National Geographic - Africa Mega flyover layer at the following coordinates:
15°17'54.25"N 19°25'46.97"E (the zoom is insane, you can see people's faces)
15°17'40.04"N 20°28'47.57"E
15°25'51.96"N 12°20'11.95"E (Again tents and people too)
Best picture I have Seen !!!!!!!!!!
It's Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
Vinod V
wow its superb...........
My eyes are deceiving my brain (From what point of view I see something).
I don't get it. Someone explain? I don't really see how those whitish shapes are camels.
Wow... It's beautiful... 
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