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[That moment when you move a Google+er from your "Following" to "Friend" circle.]
Has it happened for you?

Got to hang out with two of my favorite people in the whole wide Google+ world last night, +Daria Musk and +Ahmed Zeeshan. It was a long overdue catch-up with Team STNG.

So what are we all laughing at? I think this is right after I told them the hilarious working title of my upcoming project and they busted up in cackling giggles. What upcoming project? you might be asking. Oh, you'll see, noodles. You'll see. Stay tuned. Big things in the works. ;)

In the meantime, I'd definitely recommending checking out +Daria Musk's own next big undertaking: her return to Hangout concerts! If you're new to Google+ or you just haven't yet experienced one of these, it's a must. +Daria Musk is one of the early G+nuises that put Hangouts on the map, and her warm, exuberant personality is nothing short of positively infectious. She also has some pretty amazing surprises up her sleeve for this Hangout, so keep an eye out for her upcoming announcements.

Details here:

I feel really blessed to have made some awesome, genuine friends through this platform, such as +Ahmed Zeeshan and +Daria Musk. +Ryan Crowe is yet another. Have you noodles found yourself making sincere connections on here that extend beyond the platform? Forging friendships that are likely to continue to develop outside Google+? The bromance between +Tom Anderson and +Trey Ratcliff is a notable example of this. Have you experienced something similar since joining Google+?
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This is actually what appealed to me about google+... a chance to experience friendships and connections beyond our real life social circles. And yep you guys made that happen for me. Go STNG!
Most definitely! There are a handful of people here that I really enjoy interacting with and consider to be friends!
Beaming :) I'm in the car right now so I will blush now and gush about my dear brilliant amazing fun inspiring +Alida Brandenburg in a bit when I get back to a slightly larger keyboard. ;) 
None to that degree yet, but I've certainly met lots of great folks on here and hope to build some of those relationships to a deeper level.

Also, "STNG"?
hmm I got rid of those two circles on day one. I have my own made up.
I've enjoyed getting to know some people on G+ and moved them into some special circles, so I always see their posts. It's not quite the same as knowing them in real life, but I definitely have fun interacting with them and feel close.
+Mickey Mellen: STNG? Guess! (This should be fun. ;D)

But the concept stays the same, yeah, +Cliff Roth? You could be moving them from your "Huh? I guess I'll check you out" circle to your "DOPE AMAZING PEOPLE I WANT TO HIRL WITH YES!!!" circle. ;)
Heehee! Guesses for STNG?
Yeah, I have no idea. *S*uper *T*errific a*N*d *G*iggly? (based on the photo you attached)
I know, +Ahmed Zeeshan. I've had the tab open for days so I can digest it in slow portions. Once I've collected my thoughts, I plan to share the post in my stream. :)
Hahahaha. Incorrect, but we might need to update the acronym to that, I like it so much!

Any other guesses anyone? ;)
Normally I would say Star Trek Next Gen. Though I don't know how you three fit in with that.....
OH MY GOSH! Hahahaha. You are so close, +Cliff Roth! Well done!

Except I named us "Star Tech: Next Generation."

Going where no techie has gone before.

+Alida Brandenburg my circles are based on type of content I can expect from those within them and have little if anything to do with how close we are. The closest thing i have to a 'pending' circle is my 'to be speedpainted' circle since that is only vetted by whether or not someone wants to be speedpainted. I very rarely view G+ by circles anyway.

Though there are those who I am closer to than others.
Yeah, I don't view based on these circles either, but I do sometimes share according to them, hence some of my circles being organized by my level of closeness to individuals. If I'm sharing something personal, which people I want to see it often has more to do with how comfortable I feel with them and how much I trust them, rather than shared interest or content type.
+Alida Brandenburg gotcha. I so rarely share to anything less than public I haven't bother doing that. I just plus mention them in the private post.

Yeah I never would have got the 'techie' part. I always thought +Daria Musk was a self-proclaimed non-techie.
Wish I could have been at the hangout <3
Like +Cliff Roth my circle names have nothing to do with an existing social relationship and everything to do with shared interests or how often I want to check in on some people. That is, I have no circle titled "Following" since I'm, of course, following everyone I've circled. The name of the circle tells me why I'm following them.
Hey +Alida Brandenburg it is true ! :) It has been a nice Bromance and it grows ever stronger... now we travel the world together and have all sorts of wonderful adventures. The more vulnerable you make yourself, the more awesome people come into your world... BTW, I did not know you worked at Pandora - email me! :)
Agreed, +Trey Ratcliff! I actually have a post drafted on that very topic, specifically why "Don't talk to strangers!" may be the worst advice your mom ever gave you. ;)

PMing you now!
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Wow +Cliff Roth epic guess!! :)
+Ryan Crowe Yea we looked for you! Totally need to hang again soon!
+Alida Brandenburg Just realized a side-note is totally needed here: Your smile is beeeeaming girl! :) So purdy!!
+Ahmed Zeeshan You rock dude. 'Nuff said! :)

I truly always dreamed of finding real friends... people who "got me" and who I could love and understand and be there for too. People to explore and dream and experience life with... It was always an elusive dream, I never found my tribe in school... and started to wonder if I ever would. It's been such a blessing and such a welcome thrill to meet people here like you guys - and even peeps like Mr. +Trey Ratcliff ;) - who are brilliant, kind, cool and amazing friends I'm honored to now know.
Aww, thanks, lovey! Feels good to have the metal out of my mouth and to smile with confidence again. ;)

And yeah, I never found my tribe in school either. I still have that problem in traditional institutions. I built up my core circle of friends via early online message boards/mailing lists for local dance music events. Google+ continues in that tradition. :)
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