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What results can you safely share with prospective employers?

Hi, all! I have an interview/resume/portfolio question. Surprisingly, this has not come up for me before, presumably because social media was (is) still so new and was getting figured out, and for that same reason, this makes it a tricky situation to pin down, but I'm wondering what results are acceptable for you to share with prospective employers. 

Obviously anything that is public-facing is fair game (e.g., standard engagement numbers, follower growth, etc.), but what about more backend info, like impressions, reach, views, CTR, etc.? The latter group seems to be more the impressive KPIs you'd want to share in an interview to showcase your results, but this could be considered sensitive info, and could both piss off your current/former client/employee,  as well as make the prospective employer hesitant to hire you for fear of you likewise sharing sensitive info if they're more locked down on it. It's a little easier to mask specific numbers if you're just doing overall percentage increases, but if it's showing success of a finite campaign, that's harder to get around.

Unfortunately, it seems like there is no current industry standard on this, so how do you make sure all parties are comfortable? Are there any tricks that enable you to safely share more sensitive info? 

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I know it's been a while, but I wanted to share this important update. As some of you may have heard, my mom has cancer. Stanford called and they're now able to get my mom in for surgery tomorrow. This is a huge step forward, but of course it is just the beginning of her healing process.

A number of you have reached out to ask how you can help (thank you!). The most immediate need at the moment is the substantial financial impact of having cancer.

As many of you know and have experienced first-hand, my mom has devoted herself to a life of being in service to others as a healer. As a result, she lives a very modest life, so the cost of this unforeseen illness is considerably significant. Beyond the high price of treatment alone, my mom will be unable to work for up to three months (perhaps longer depending on secondary treatment); in need of healthy, whole foods; medications, etc, etc. As you can imagine, it adds up quickly and can get overwhelming.

The goal is to raise $10K to help ease this burden. What a wonderful gift it would be to have that completed by this Friday so she can go into her surgery with peace of mind and a feeling of love and support from all of us. We are just about halfway there, but we still have half to go with only one day left.

They say that love kills cancer. So--let's show my mom just how much she is loved. Can you donate?

(And please feel free to share the post! Deepest of thanks from me and my family.)
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+Saturday Night Live Meets Serial: Did Kris Kringle do it?

Every now and then an SNL skit comes along that restores my faith in the show and its longevity.

This is one of the best yet. Clever, topical, and a spot-on parody of a unique cultural phenomenon.

#christmas   #snl   #serial   #serialpodcast   #npr   #funny   #lol   #humor  
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Search? On a social network?!?! My mind is blown!

What's next, Facebook? FLYING CARS? You crazy!

(God god, finally. Welcome to 2011, Facebook. We Google+ers have been here for quite some time.)

#socialmedia   #socialnetworks   #facebook  
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For once, a YouTube comment that actually makes me feel better about the intelligence of humans:

"People kept posting this Vine in the comments on posts about the grand jury’s decision not to charge Darren Wilson in shooting of Michael Brown, because it seemed to them, on a horrible night in America, that it makes a sad and important point. And it does.

"The point it makes is that there are people in this country so depraved that they think images of some spilled bags of chips somehow trump the slaying of an unarmed teenager. These are the descendants of the people who understood the tragedy of Do the Right Thing to be the destruction of Sal’s Famous rather than the death of Radio Raheem. The sight of property damage and merchandise scattered on the floor moves them in some way that the sight of a young body left in a pool of blood in the street does not.

"Thus we see the priorities of a certain segment of America. Parents, be warned: Instead of a dangerous hoodie, send your teenagers out draped in racks of Funyuns and Coke Zero, and this country will pity them and want vengeance on anyone who might harm them. If only poor Trayvon Martin had been carrying a few cases of Skittles and iced tea, rather than single portions.

"So here’s your Vine, so you can stop posting it. Yes, indeed, it is too bad the rioters hit this poor man’s store. If only Michael Brown had been a 7-Eleven, you might have been outraged over his demise, too."

Edited to add: Found the original source:

#MichaelBrown   #ericgarner #trayvonmartin #blacklivesmatter #icantbreathe #wecantbreathe
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Today, on Instagram...

Exclusive, never-before-seen video! Behind-the-scenes snugs, with Alida and Ru!

♥ ♥ ♥

#BRG   #catsofinstagram   #caturday   #cats   #singing  
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[The Artistic Love Loop] 

Some days I think I miss being in love because I miss having an inspiration to write beautiful things.

Other days I think I miss being in love because I miss having an excuse to write beautiful things.

It’s a subtle difference, but in the last couple years I’ve realized that being in love, or rather, loving someone, is my greatest artistic outlet. It gives me a reason to begin producing again, like all my creative stirrings were just bouncing around inside of me looking for a route out. 

And because of this, sometimes it can feel like this person I am enamored with is not so much the source, as the subject. Not so much the inspiration, as the instigator. A target, rather than a well.

This is not to say my affections aren’t personal, or sincere. But more that there is almost a sense of relief in finally having a defined point upon which I can now direct my artistic efforts. It creates a creative constraint: something I’ve always needed to produce anything of substance. Nothing worse than a blank page.

And it always leads me to wonder how much what I create is for me, rather than for them.

Are my grand romantic gestures and outpourings of prose actually in proportion to the love I feel? Or is it merely a scratching of that creative itch — self-satisfying, and art for the sake of art?

After all, if you were a sculptor, and you were moved to create something, would you hold yourself back and do less than you were capable of producing for fear of coming on too strong? Offending the viewer in the boldness of your work? Or would you unleash your full creative potential and produce the sculpture as was intended by some force greater than yourself? 

So, likewise, if being in love is my artistic outlet, how am I to restrain myself? Withhold the creativity that is begging, aching to be let loose? It is, after all, so easy and enjoyable to be carried away. Is that irresponsible? 

But then I wonder whether, in offloading such packages of affection, in creating these words and whimsies of love, you actually create love. Much like the simple act of forcing a smile can initiate a positive feedback loop and create feelings of happiness (see:, can the mere production of artistic romantic expressions for someone likewise spark or amplify your feelings of love for them? Yesterday I read these passionate love letters from Vladimir Nabokov to his wife and — once I was recovered from my swooning — wondered if he got pulled into this artistic love loop, too:

Mind you, I don't think it's a negative thing. In fact, maybe this is why creative people seem to love so much deeper and with such passion. With each romantic artistic expression, they're continually intensifying their love for that person and reinforcing its profundity. It's easy to get caught up in that.

So is this why I can fall so easily in love with a stranger? Begin narrating in my head the tender, teasing conversations we will have while cooking breakfast together, pancake mix on the tip of my nose, the sound of butter sizzling in the pan? So quickly link my first name to their last, like a teenage girl scribbling on her middle-school Trapper-Keeper?

In my enjoyment of writing the story, do I write it into existence?

Do any of you fall into this artistic love loop, too?

Does love feed art? Or does art feed love?
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Oh. <ahem> Pardon me.

#ferguson #mikebrown #michaelbrown   #protest  
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"Just when you thought the investigation into Ferguson cop Darren Wilson's shooting of an unarmed black teen couldn't get any more fucked up, it gets even more fucked up."

You've got to be kidding me.

I have a feeling the crookedness of all of this is going to continue to unravel for some time to come.

#ferguson #mikebrown #michaelbrown
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[Will this be the photo that that changes it all?]

A day late for #FeelGoodFriday , but man... this one really got me.

I was already in tears at the mere sight of it, and just how much it represented (a photo like this holds innumerably more than just a thousand words), but then I read the story of what lead to this hug, and then, then I read the the amazing story of just who this boy is (seen here:, and for a moment, somehow everything painful that happened in the wake of Mike Brown's death seemed justified--intentioned almost, as if it was all orchestrated perfectly in order for this precise, poignant moment to occur, and to be seen 'round the world.

I'm not saying Mike Brown's death is justified, or any of the other young black men who have been killed recently, but I do believe there are people who come into the world and, on some higher plane, volunteer to serve as the canary in the coal mine. They sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and make such a dramatic, bold demonstration of something that needs change, that we are irreversibly moved, and we can no longer ignore the imbalance.

Not only is this photo exactly what we need right now, my larger hope is that this will open up channels for this remarkable young man, and he can emerge as one of the leaders we so desperately need right now. A change-maker in the making. <3

#ferguson #mikebrown #michaelbrown
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