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For the past week, I've been putting together a fairly comprehensive #Marketing Circle. The individuals in this circle are either marketing professionals and/or share relevant interesting marketing related content. Feel free to inform me of other great individuals I should add as I will continue to grow and update this circle.
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Thanks, Alicja!

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Thanks for including me in this shared circle +Alicja Spaulding! Just circled everyone. Looking forward to getting to know everyone better.
Great circle of some awesome marketers +Alicja Spaulding! I'd love to be added to the circle for the next go around if you are still looking to add more. :)
Thanks for taking the time to create this circle +Alicja Spaulding, it's great to have such a well chosen group of people to share marketing ideas and strategies with. 
Sorry for my weird spammy initial reply. Responded from Gmail and forgot to delete my signature. 
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