review as promised.

We first learned of the existence of this band by meeting Earl Cole at a Nik Kershaw/Kim Wilde concert - he mentioned his band and finally we were able to make it.

Well, last night was a treat. What a line up!

This band is full of fun and character. Stealing my heart actually, these folks, by playing my favourite "Echo Beach" beautifully and first off.

Earl Cole took the lead, although coming down with a cold, wowed us with his powerful voice, capturing the spirit and energy of the eighties.  

They gave us  a very generous show -3 sets of 12 songs - that's value for money and for such accomplished performers too!   Louise Tayler-Lloyd , rich saxophone and playful flute and damn fine voice as well.

Quentin Edmonds guitar and amazing solos! And the Girl from Ipanema when he was getting bored, I think. Or whenever Earl was talking...but I repeat myself. :-)

Kevin Stevens's bass kept it all together and people on the dance floor and clear and powerful supporting vocals too.

Mark Simpson was on percussion and was extremely good at it!

Dr. George Crisp had the keyboards all wrapped up with his skilled hands.

Cheerful, friendly and energetic the band kept us on the dancefloor with skillful, energetic and sympathetic renditions of the 80's hits we were there for. We walked like Egyptians, we went to Echo Beach, found ourselves Living on the Ceiling, saw Girls on Film, struck Gold and got Footloose.  And many, many others. There were glowsticks being handed out. :-)

Upside - Eighties played right with a band with a character all their own. This isn't soulless rehash, and it's not favourites massacred, it's a wonderful celebration of this music played by very good musicians who love it. We must have danced all except 4 songs. That's a lot of dancing, 32 songs, phew! But pity the band, they played/sang all 36!
With no apparent loss of energy! Very friendly crowd they attract too.

Downside - Venue at the Sports Bar of the Herdsman - a bit cramped for the amount of people that wanted to dance, and most people wanted to dance - tables and chairs were in the way. 

Super show and I hope to see them again soon.

9/10 terrific and finding that your old Baggy Trousers fit you perfectly and are all the rage on the Sid and Nancy Scale.
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