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I've become an iPhone junky! Sad but true. (are u one too?) These are some of my favorite images from my latest download... ;-)
Light Bearing MOMMY! / Artist / songwriter / musician / producer / actress / activist / people person
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im homeless i wish i could git one it would be awsome..
Absolutly. I try a lot other devices but find my freedom with the iphone. Love it.
Love da iPhone 2 .. Greatest item I own
kita belajar dari ujian supaya bisa mencapai yg lebih baik
I just got one for Christmas ~ I'm not savvy enough yet to be a junkie, but I'm getting there. Is there an app for that?
+Alicia Keys - Just want to gave an awesome rendition of My Guitar Gently Weeps.
J Starr
Me too, iPhone Junkie 
i dont gota iPhone yet.. i have 2 frends who do!! ill ask em if they have
Happy New Year Alicia and Swizz! Love Charles and Mary (friends of Marie Amma Sanjivani) Great photo great colors!
I'm using Galaxy Note..maybe u should try it too..
Nice. I have one from the states. In japan, I have a Droid. When I get back its gonna be hard to choose.
Very good!!! Beautiful work!!!
Have to admit me too..
My wife is now an iphone junkie. It is on her 24/7 and she lives with it, but it and for it! Thank god it doesn't "satisfy" her or I'd be totally screwed!
That's okay, we all have some type of addiction. Let's just keep them non-life threatening!
omg yes i am one too!!! mines doesn't even have serves and i use it all day ever day!!! lol
+Alain Smith No service, how? So I guess your using wifi only or just completely offline like an iTouch?
I'd be a bit lost without my iPhone and it's possible the female music might be a bit lost without you
I don't even know what an IPhone is, hihi.
The Iphone is fucking addicting :) But we love it ;)
Thank you for sharing: So many great photos really loved: Janet Colins, Greta Garbo, Ali & Malcolm , & you and the hubby view MJ...MJ eyes told a deep story.
Все будет хорошо---надо захотеть сильно сильно--как я хочу хорошо ходить после травмы
I have one but I have no friends so i can;t be a junky like you,can't trust anyone
wassup nice pic tex me back later
hey, it's so nice to watch you, you are so lovely
hahaha m2!!!!!!! i <3 mi iPhone
woooooow alicia....i need me an iphone
Like the light bearing mommy the pic.
Alicia, i have to thank you for your music, but mostly for making me and my girlfriend 2gether, your music bonded us since "no one", every single tune you put out makes that bond even stronger, so stronger that now we have a 6 months old daughter.... one day when we marry our biggest hounor would be having you singing our first dance..... im a dreamer and dreams come true..... all the best for 2012!!!
S. Neal
iphone; impressive, desirable, but like most things in life, not absolutely necessary.
+Alicia Keys the wedding is off, this is not gonna work, you loving the iPhone, and me being a Android fan. Let me know when you get rid of the phone
wicked. i saw LEE SCRATCH PERRY last nite in manchester,england,he was awesome,he's 75 and still going strong
Un día estás con Apple y al día siguiente con RIM. lol
iPhone rehab apparently only takes 389 days.
The quotes since the BlackBerry announcement on this thread are TFF!
lulzing so hard at all the recent comments
rudy s
iPhone junkie
goes to work for RIM
V Price
Someone probably already beat me to this lyric remix, but here goes: "This! Girl! is for HIRE!" 
You are welcome.
Where does the problem lie? I love the Caribbean, but live in Germany. I'm addicted to doing nothing, but still hard at work. 
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