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Soooo excited that "Five" AND "Firelight" are nominated for Imagen awards!!! Thank u for the love!!!
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i love you (in a friend way) and think u r so beautiful i want to be famous and it sounds crazy but i am working on it so i can be! love you love your songs and have a GREAT summer!!!!
shai miller if u try again then ill say yes didnt notice that i had one sorry
shai sorry just got the account today and dont know how to except maybe u could tell me?
+Scott Houston what's u'r problum with Alicia Keys!!!?
Ever since i was 5 i LOVED Ur song if i aint got you but i have a friend named alana she is very talented and so am i i hope someday we can meet u and u can hear what talent we have
- sincerly ur #1 fan

can you make friendship with me
Is this really u Alicia keys
Is this really u Alicia keys
Umm I don't really see the advantage of writing it twice? But....
Alicia, long time, we don't hear from you again
que onda no estuve conectada por que estive en la escuela
Is great havin someone like u_AK please when are u comin to Nigeria 
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