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Backstage working out the songs with #steviewonder yesterday! I'm like a kid in a candy store! #bbma
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Shame that Stevie Wonder cannot see how goddam hot you are!
Wow! Bet you made some magic music together. Sooo blessed
thats sooo cool, wonder and keys in the same room, thats a power house right there (big fan)
2 superb talents working together. Bravo!
i feel like a kid for her. to of my favorite piano players togetheris too exciting
Stevie Is sooo cool! He did sone RealGood stuff.
Absolutely loved the performance on billboard awards
i love steve wonder he is the best piano playyer i have ever seen i love him
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Two of my favorite piano/keyboard players... together... each one teach one...
wat you talking about girls and boys
Looking hot always. Big up yourself ***SWEETOOOOOooooooooo***
Again I say that blessings are raining daily!
Wow! to sit down with the Master Composing
You are working with the boss Keys trust moahh
l would like to learn about that staff
two greats right there, man...she'll absorb his vibe and get even better if you can imagine!
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