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I love this girl Julia Bluhm she is so smart & I love that she spoke up about what she feels! I feel the same way! ;-)
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she is in dark shadows (i luv that movie)
I definitely agree!Photo manipulation isn't cool!
that means she is a very self confident person with her self.
No disrespect,especially when they have nude pics of actress/models that r not real.U can put anyone n a pic n people will believe it.
magazine seventeen beatiful girl i like
Hahaha is this creepier than a dating site then pmsl
Cathy x
Thats Chloe Moretz.... yeah she was in Hugo with Asa Butterfield<3
I do not understand what women say
is fun to live in this mess without any understanding
it turns my head and just the feeling speaks
I would like to See her naked!
that's the way to express yourself perfectly
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