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Kat Vancil (Alicia Kat Vancil)
Bestselling Author of Fantastical Coming-of-Age Fiction
Bestselling Author of Fantastical Coming-of-Age Fiction

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So after donating to Wikipedia today (something I've done every year for a while) they sent me a short survey, the last question being: "How has Wikipedia affected your life?" And so I thought I'd share my answer with you all in case you're curious, and because we often forget just how much technology has impacted our lives.

I run a story studio, which means one of the things I do to make my living, is write fantastical fiction. So I use Wikipedia to research everything from Shinto temples, to the history of pocket watches, to long forgotten metals from antiquity like Aurichalcum, to Valais Blacknose sheep. Wikipedia is as much a part of my creation process as the music I listen to, the ideas in my head, or the programs I use to write my books. I don't know if I would being doing what I do today if it wasn't for Wikipedia's "Random Article" button back in 2004. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for empowering me to be a force for awesome.

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Hey Kitties!
If you’ve talked to me lately you know I’m a huge fan ConvertKit, the email marketing provider I switched to last month. For indie creators like authors, artists, and musicians, list building is SUPER important. It’s how you take your little studio from a fun side project to full time gig (1,000 true fans anyone?). So basically, List + Awesomeness = Full Time Income!
So why ConvertKit? Well unlike their competitors, ConvertKit is subscriber based not list based so you’ll never be charged multiple times for the same subscriber no matter how many things of yours they’re interested in. How awesome is that?!
But you know what’s more awesome? For the next 36 hours or so, you can test drive ConvertKit for a whole month FREE plus get a free month of Meet Edgar, and Teachable, 60 days of Samcart, 45 days of Wistia, and a ConvertKit t-shirt of your choosing!
So if you’ve heard me or basically anyone mention that list growing is the thing to do to build that little business of yours into something spectacular, now’s your chance. Just head over to and try out ConvertKit. I know I’m super happy I did 🐱
Also if you have any questions, just hit me up. You know I’m always happy to help.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Despite how wonderful the con was this past weekend, there was a situation, and I feel this needs to be said:
Shouting over someone, belittling things they enjoy, mansplaining/womansplaining, or demanding justification is NOT a friendly debate.
Violating someone’s personal space is NOT an intimate conversation.
It’s an attack, plain and simple.

If you see someone committing an attack against a fellow member of your fandom, tribe, or group, step up, do something, defend them. Because it is only when we protect those around us, that we create a community worthy of being protected. 

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Join us Nov 18-20 at table #N8 for Krakens in Space! KrakenCon 2016

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The world is an anxiety inducing and terrifying place at the moment, and so I made you this:
It's dangerous to go alone. Here take this.

#SpreadKindnessNotHate #TogetherWeAreMighty #ImHereForYou #YouGotThis #KittyTotem
*Please use, share, and spread the kindness.

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Fill your eReaders this weekend
October 1-2nd Over 100 SciFi & Fantasy eBooks FREE!

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So much win!

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Blast off with these 99c & free SciFi Romance reads! #SFRBlast
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